Water Polo makes a splash

Boys’ Varsity Water Polo, coached by Jeff Ukrainetz, is one of the many intense sports at Escondido High School.

 This year’s team is lead by Seniors Mitchell Lerma, 18, and Andrew Bastien, 18.

Lerma said that his favorite thing about playing water polo is being a part of a team. He would like to continue his water polo career by playing in one of the top colleges for water polo. He does admit that it is challenging not to drown when trying to beat out his opponent.

  “Coach U inspires me to do the best because he always pushes me to do my best, “ said Lerma.

    Ukrainetz, who has been coaching since 1991,  is proud of his student athletes and enjoys seeing his athletes grow.

“ The pride and improved confidence that I see when everything comes together for an individual athlete on the playing field carries over into their young lives and allows them to be better people.”

 However, Ukrainetz wants his team to win, too.

  “The wins, playoff berths and league and CIF championships feel really good too!” said Coach U.


Students and staff spin for their health

The Cycle for Life spin class is part of Cougar University and takes place in the bike room near the stadium after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:15-4:15 p.m.

  “This class is for all students. You don’t have to be an athlete; it’s for all levels of abilities,”  said Special Education teacher and advisor Sue Tuttle.

  This spin class is open to all students. According to Tuttle, the goal is to encourage students to release stress and stay healthy and balanced.

  “We want students to sweat out all the toxins in their bodies,” said Tuttle.

  Math teacher Robert Swan decided to attend the spin class to get more exercise. He enjoys going to the spin class because he says it’s a great way to workout.  He describes it as “fun times with great music.”

  One thing Swan enjoys about the spin class is that “everyone can workout at their own pace.”

   Junior Brenda Melendez, 16, said she decided to join because she enjoys exercising and thinks this is a great way to stay in shape.

Handball keeps students out of trouble

Everyday after school, 20-30 students go and play handball at the courts by the stadium.  It is a positive way to engage in school activities and stay out of trouble,  according to advisor Alvaro Melgoza.

  “We, the school and I, feel that students should be active and do something positive after school,” said Melgoza.

  At handball students can come out and just play against friends or new people. And occasionally, Melgoza comes out and plays against them.  They are also provided snacks just like any other Cougar U course.

  “It’s fun to hang out with friends and just do what you want,” said Sophomore Damian Olea, 15.

  But aside from the snacks, handball is different than most courses in Cougar U. They meet everyday, Monday through Fridays from 3- 4pm.  They hold monthly challenges and tournaments, and get rewarded trophies, P.E. attire and pizza.

    ¨The other members are nice, funny and just fun and easy to hang out with,”said Sophomore Angelica Vaca, 14.

  But even with that amount of players, the club encourages more students and staff to join. It’s open to anyone that wants to play.

“I want more staff to join and challenge students because it’s a great workout for both,” said Melgoza.

handball .jpg


Cross Country runs for fun

The EHS Cross Country team, led by Coach Jerid Meek, prepares for the new season as they bring in both new and returning members to keep the team running.

  Because many of the star runners graduated last year, the team is readjusting.  They are working  to teach the new teammates the running techniques and skills to make another great team.

  “We’re rebuilding. We lost a lot of seniors last year and we’re working on training the new runners to get to that level,” said Coach Meek.

  The meet against Dana Hills is the biggest thing on most of the runners’ minds, and as Sophomore Zayda Martinez, 14, said, “It’s going to be a very fast race and it’s by the beach.”

  Junior Laurel Sparks, 17, though, can’t wait to get to the CIF finals and race at Morley Field in Balboa Park.

  “It’s a huge group of runners all across the county that race very long distances,” said Sparks.

Every practice, the team does a variation of drills, including a combination of long-runs, speed workouts and recovery runs. The drill that seems to be everyone’s favorite has to be the 200 meter run.

  “The 200 meter run is a speed workout where we run a 200 meter distance over and over and try to get quicker every time,” said Junior Ryan Archambault, 16.

  Cross Country is not only a very competitive sport; it’s also a very fun one. Many of the fun things in Cross Country are getting medals, competing against each other, and, according to Junior James Garcia, 16, “the pain.”

  Even though it is a tough sport, the runners know how to make a funny moment out of anything. The Cross Country team is like a second family to them, and every once in a while they do love to pick on each other, according to Martinez.

  “Oh, and also, Coach Meek likes Justin Bieber,” said Archambault.


Football Team strives

  The Varsity and JV football teams have been training hard and are hoping for a good season.       “This team is full of athletes that work hard and train hard and do whatever it takes to win,” said Coach Steve Bridges.

  The football teams have had a series of losses, but Coach Bridges strongly believes that they will bounce back.

  He said, “There are some injured players and when thy recover we should be good to go.”

  To achieve their goals, the athletes run plays and do specific drills that have to do with their positions.  Several players said they would like to be faster and stronger and  improve their technique.

 Sophomore Addison Bagby, 15, who’s a wide receiver and cornerback for the JV team,  said “We have a good offence but need to work on our defense more.”

 Nevertheless, the football team is full of athletes that love to play football and are very excited to play this season.

  Junior Orion Diaz, 16, who plays free safety on the Varsity  team enjoys “hitting people.”

   Bagby said, “I enjoy having fun with my friends and making big plays.”

  Coach Bridges has been the head coach for three years and has been apart of this school for 23 years.

  Coach Bridges enjoys coaching because as he said, “I enjoy coaching because I grew up playing and I enjoy working with athletes.


Yearbook comes to life under Bordman

The highlights of 2014-2015 school year will be captured by the yearbook crew.

  Yearbook is a class for students to show their creativity and come together as a whole to produce an annual that represents students’ experiences and school spirit.

   the students in Bordman’s yearbook class enjoy making the yearbook and being in a friendly atmosphere.

  “I really enjoy the people and the environment,” said Senior Patrick Macready, 18.

  Although yearbook contains a  positive environment for students, it also has its challenges.

  “I expect my students to be proactive and to stay ahead of deadlines,” said Bordman.

    Bordman strives to have a top of the line yearbook an expects complete dedication from his students.

  “Coach Bordman wants a yearbook that wins first place in the fair,” said Macready.

  With new ideas and a goals set out for this years yearbook, Bordman and his class have added Aurasma., which is a smartphone app that allows the yearbook to come to life.

  “It’s a free app that makes videos over pictures,” said Bordman.

  With this new technology being apart of this year’s yearbook senior, Dominic Sobrito, 18,  is excited for this annual and has really high hopes for this year’s yearbook.

  “I feel like this will be the best yearbook, especially with the new app,”  said Sobrito.

  According to Bordman, the staff’s strengths are design and photo skills. However, they need to work on their interviewing skills.

  “The articles are the weakest and we are focusing on that,” Bordman said.

yearbook tyler.JPG