Find out why the caged bird sings

By Delaney Chase

If you are anything like me, you may not find nonfiction works nearly as interesting as fiction ones. However, with “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” the case is completely different. The autobiography tells the interesting and difficult life of the author, Maya Angelou.

  As a young black girl in southern Arkansa, Angelou experienced segregation and racism first hand, and she gives many detail accounts of her experiences in the book, such as the time when the only local dentist refused to see her because of her color. The book follows her from the age of three to the age of seventeen, including when she was sexualy abused and raped at the age of eight.

  When I first started the book I had a hard time getting into it. The book jumps around a lot with different stories and time periods. But, once the author gives all the background information and settles in one spot the story continues fluidly from there.

  The book may be nonfiction but the writing is still very toned down and relatable. Angelou writes in a sophisticated and advanced way but still uses slang and slightly improper sentences to convey the setting of the story.

  As much as I liked the book, there is no clear problem that builds and builds.  It is simply a book of small anecdotes that are all still somewhat connected. The book also rushed to an ending that is very somewhat unsatisfying to my preference, but with this being said Angelou tells the truthful and hard story that was her childhood.

  I would highly recommend this book. Though it was slightly confusing, the lessons learned from the experiences of the author outweigh it all. From this book I’ve learned what perseverance, strength, and determination really are by the way she faced challenges head on and never gave up.

Maya Angelou’s classic “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” cover.


The Baby-Sitter Wanted

By Amanda Mendez

I just read the book, “The Babysitter,” by R.L. Stine, and I need to start off by saying that I could not put this book down. This mystery novel keeps you on the edge of your seat, giving you unexpected twists.

“The Baby-Sitter.” is about this young girl named Jenny, accepting a babysitting job from a family she just met at the mall after preventing their child from jumping into the fountain.

During the first few nights of babysitting, everything goes okay, until she starts getting unexpected, threatening phone calls. There have already been a few babysitter killings in the neighborhood, so you can feel Jenny’s worry when she feels like she’s the next victim to be killed.

So, an entirely innocent babysitting job turns turns into a nightmare when Jenny finds out she is the next potential victim to a crazed attacker.

I recommend this suspense  novel to kids who are 12-15  that are into a fast-paced, short horror novel.

My only complaint towards the book is the main character, Jenny, she exaggerates about everything and it’s just so frustrating. But,  if you could not just get enough of this R.L Stine book, and you just want more of it, read “The Babysitter II, III, and IV”. It’s a whole novel series, and who can’t get enough of R.L Stine short horror novels?

New York tastes meet California streets

By Courtni Demnianiuk

As I walk into what seems to be a (hole in the wall) basic pizzeria,I am instantaneously transported into the streets of New York. The savory aromas of melted cheese and sweet sauce meet my nose and my mouth waters instantly.

   This is the experience I had the first time I visited The Bronx Pizza, located at 111 Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103, in the Hillcrest area.

  This small pizzeria goes above and beyond all expectations of a normal pizza pie. First off, when you walk in, there is a window full of fresh pizzas and behind that is the kitchen where you can see the pizza being made. There are countless kinds of pizza pies, ranging from classic cheese to chicken and spinach with a creamy pesto sauce, which happens to be my personal favorite.

  These delectable items are sold at a pretty fair price, single slices going for $2- $2.50, with the option to add additional toppings for $0.50 each. Pizza pies, which are 18 inches, go for $14 with extra toppings for $1.75 each. They also offer calzones for $7, extra toppings are $0.50, and drinks. They have kept their menu simple and reasonable, making it easy for the customers to choose what they would like.

  The staff gives a warm welcome from behind the counter as customers walk in. There are multiple historical pictures on the walls all the way from the 1950’s until present day. Many of those are signed by the star themselves, such as Marilyn Monroe or professional boxer  after their great taste of these unique slices.

  Off to the side are a few small tables. That seems to be it, but a brick arch leads you into a whole dining area of the restaurant, decorated like a subway station under the streets of the Bronx. This is a semi- outdoor area, shaded yet open in some parts and completely enclosed in others. It’s a great change from the usual stuffy and obnoxiously loud diner, this is a calmer, yet still welcoming and fun environment to be in. This vibe paired with the amazing service you receive from their lovely staff gave me an unforgettable lunch and keeps me going back for more.

  The only regret is that the restaurant is so far away!  The y need to open up locations closer to North County.   In the meantime, Hillcrest is almost one hour away, but the drive is more than worth it. When you get a taste of this pizza, the drive will not even matter. Also, this pizzeria only accepts cash, no debit or credit cards. This is a major inconvenience to those who don’t usually carry cash on them. Besides those two minescule problems, I recommend this pizzeria to anyone who loves to indulge in the delight of a great, New York style pizza

Clash of clans

By Noemi Vazquez

Build a village, train troops such as barbarians, archers, war wizards and giants, dominate a realm.

 Download a really awesome and addictive game called “Clash Of Clans”.

 To play successfully players have to be very strategic. It’s a combat kind of game in which players battle other players across the world to gain points and level up. They have to penetrate a player’s village and burn it to the ground until it’s pure dust.

 However, don’t think they won’t try to get revenge!

  The game notifies players when they’ve been attacked and it gives them the option to attack back. To defend their village, players have to turn it into an impenetrable fortress with cool weapons such as cannons, archer towers, bombs, walls and cool traps.

As players expand their village and hit a high level, they can also join a clan or start one of their own.

I joined an all-girl clan called “Cool Kitties”. One time, I was attacked and was left defenseless because I only had two cannons. My teammates helped me by donating two giants. When I was attacked again, it wasn’t as bad as the giants they gave me fought off the attacker’s goblins and archers.

As days went on with me in a clan the leader of the “Cool Kitties” decided to go into war. We were up against a clan called “Sw@gman”. As the 24 hour prep day began I went to take a look at some of their villages. They looked like their were going to be hard to attack. I set up my villages with defense armor and was ready to go.

Sadly, we lost, but what really surprised me was the teamwork I saw happening during battle. Everyone would always watch the people’s villages that had not been attacked yet and made sure that they were good to go.  And if not, they  helped by donating items.  Even when we lost, everyone was virtually high fiving one another for doing great on their villages. It was a good experience.

Playing “Clash of the Clans” is difficult at first because players start off with basically nothing and they have to turn it into something.  However, it becomes addictive once you start your village, unlock more troops and start battling.  I couldn’t stop playing!

Overall, I recommend this game to anyone who loves to strategize and likes cool mythical creatures like dragons. So head to the app store to download “Clash Of Clans”.


Green takes a new approach

By Anna Chanthaphavong

The author of the New York Time bestseller, ¨The Fault In our Stars,¨ John Green has another book that is both humorous, academic and filled with romance called “An Abundance of Katherines.”

  In this book, the main character Colin is depressed because of his breakup with his 19 girlfriends, all named Katherine.

  He goes on a road trip with his best friend Hassan and become friends with Lindsey, a tour guide. During this trip, he tries to solve “Theorems of underlying Katherines probability”, a theory where he examines all of his ex-girlfriends and determines what went wrong; along with trying to have a eureka moment that he believes will make him a genius.

  Unlike his other books, Green brings more religion and culture into his book by making Colin Jewish and Hassan Arabic. Along with that, the book involves math and Arab language in the books, with translations and explanations at the bottom of the pages.

  When I read this book, I expected the main character to mope about his love life and try desperately to find love, but I was surprised by how the main character focuses more on what went wrong with his relationships and how he tries to figure it out by using math equations.

  I love how each character has different character traits that make them unique and stand out. The book has a balance between humor, math and romance where none overpowers the other.

  Fans of John Green or romance should read this book, especially if they’re looking to laugh and read a different type of romance.

abundance of katherine.jpg


Not An Ordinary Mexican Restaurant

By Emily Vite

Walking into  big Mexican Restaurant with a lot of light and a lot of tables a second floor restaurant, I expected the restaurant to be loud and for the employes to  make you wait so you could get a table.

  However, as I walked in the restaurant, it  was quiet with Mexican music playing in the background and the employees asked me  right away, “How many people?”  and they set up my table in less than five minutes.

  This restaurant is unique because they have live Mariachis while you are eating. The food is so delicious; they have any type of Mexican food like Enchiladas,Tamales,Sopes,and Posole. Before they bring your food to the table they give you Mexican chips with salsa as an appetizer.The best part I love about this restaurant is that that they bring your food right away.

  The employees are nice and polite. The vibe there is really positive; they make you feel like if you are a part of their family. The prices vary from $5 to $20 dollars. They have menu for kids too like hamburgers,rice and beans and fries.

  Mi Guadalajara is located in 525 w. 2nd Ave, Escondido, CA 92025 and the phone number is (760)746-4371. The restaurant is kind of hidden but it stands out because is a second floor restaurant.

  This restaurant is perfect if you want to spend some time with your family or if you want to spend the day with your friends. They also deliver and you could hire them for  party or any occasion.

 If you enjoy new experience and culture don’t think twice about going to Mi Guadalajara.