Cooking discriminating against lowerclassmen?

By Edith Gonzalez

“Senior this”


“Senior that”


  Yes, we all know Seniors should get some privileges; however, getting priority registration for electives should not be one of them.

  It may be their last year in highschool, and, yes, they should get a bit more rights and privileges for having to put up with all the busy things they have going on in life whether it’s school related or not but why the elective?

 As a Freshman, I wanted to take a culinary class this year, but I couldn’t because it is only for upper classmen.

 Some argue, like Senior Juana Hernandez, 17,  that Freshman aren’t mature enough to take a culinary class.

  Hernandez said,“I don’t think they should let the other grade levels be a part of this class because they’re not mature enough.They should just wait until their Senior year.”

  I might say this because I’m just a Freshman right now, and I might change my mind that only Seniors should be able to in the future, but I see excluding Freshmen from culinary as discrimination against the younger grades.

  Sophomore Ruby Perez,15, said, underclassmen should get to take culinary because “many people really like cooking and it will actually get students more involved in school.”

   Freshman Madeline Lopez,14, who is in culinary arts at Orange Glen, said “It would be a great for Escondido High School to also allow Freshmen because it helps kids to make their own healthy foods instead of going to fast food restaurants. ”

 I think culinary should have a mixed class so everyone can take a great class.