Oh Romeo Oh Romeo..

By Noemi Vazquez

I remember when the guy I liked stood outside my house throwing rocks at  my window or when he jumped on a ferris wheel to ask me out. The guy I liked wrote an ending chapter to my favorite book series that never ended.

Oh, wait.  That never ever happened.

Am I the only one that hates that movies always give us fake expectations?

Like when is a guy going to chase after the girl in the airport when she is about to leave somewhere across the country? A guy would never pay $200 to get past security for a girl to tell him that even though she loves him, she still has to leave.

In my opinion, all this false hope given to people all starts out in childhood, when your girls are encouraged to watch these princess movies where “prince charming” has to save the princess..

I think movies should state that girls can save themselves. Just like in the song “Cinderella”  by The Cheetah Girls. Why can’t fairytales talk more about girl power and how you do not need a guy to save you from the dragon?

Better movies for girls include “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century”. She was able to save her home and herself. Also does anyone remember the movie “Motocrossed?” Andi shows that a girl can do whatever a boy can do. If a boy can save the girl from the dragon, the girl can save herself as well.

Instead, girls assume “destiny” will bring the right guy into their lives and they’ll just need that person to make them happy, but in reality you probably met this guy as a coincidence. You won’t know if they’re the right “one” but all you will care about is trying your very best to make him happy.

Girls looking for love expect it to come to them, but they have to stop waiting for the “perfect guy”. He is not out there. There is no such thing as a fairytale. Life is not like those romance movies.

Girls, if you push a guy away, he is not going to come back like the guy always does in the movies. He is simply going to leave. So if you want to find love, go find it but don’t have such high hopes because you’ve been sucked in by a handsome perfect guy on a screen.

I am not saying watching romantic movies is a bad thing. Just do not watch them and walk out of the movie theater expecting to find love exactly the way it happened in the movie because sometimes we create our own heartbreak through expectations. Movies portray relationships in a way that gives out unrealistic expectations. I understand that going to the movies will probably result in fantasizing how amazing it would be if life was like that, but it isn’t. But there is such a thing as love. So find it while you’re young, just with your hopes not as high.

In movies. it is generally seen that a couple kisses after the big game, but reality is completely different.