The Importance of the Arts

By Jackie Osorio, Jazmin Olea and Karla Perez

 Opportunities like scholarship money, discovering new talents, and gaining a respect for art are all possibilities of joining classes like Art as well as Mixed Media and Design, according to the teacher and students we interviewed

    “Art brings out my creative side. It is kind of this class where you don’t have to think about a lot of things. You just work and it is whatever comes to your mind, and you just put it on paper and it is such freedom,” says Junior Rebecca Becze, who is in the Intermediate Art class.

    Becze has been to the Center of the Arts, Escondido, and she enjoys seeing art that people have created with their own mind and hands.

Becze has seen most people’s work from local residents or people from around the world by the power of online social media which is really amazing.  According to her it is a great way to find new artist and see their work through technology.

Becze enjoys seeing the arts and is really glad she joined a class that lets her get in touch with her creative side and show others how she expresses herself.

    “My favorite thing about art is that you get to express yourself creatively,” said Freshmen Leila Carranza.

    Carranza, a Design and Mixed Media student, decided to join art because she wanted to try something new that was out of her comfort zone, and she thinks that other people should join because students are able to express themselves and the class overall is fun as well.

   Leanne Glassett, Mixed Media & Design teacher, is actively involved in students’ art and the art galleries located in downtown Escondido where artists showcase their work for the people of Escondido.

    “I think students should be involved in the arts because it gives them an opportunity to explore new things and to be creative,” Glasset said.

    There are two different art classes offered, Intermediate Mixed Media and Design as well as Beginners Mixed Media and Design. After school art club is offered to those who are interested.


The art class room 802 is where all the students get in touch with their creative side and learn about the arts and the design mixed media.


Animal Testing: hurtful of harmful

By: Abigail Barrientos and Priscilla Mota


Over 100 million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned and abused in US labs every year, according to At the same time, to some people, animal testing can be very beneficial.

     According to Agriculture teacher Nicole Hoofard there are benefits to medical testing.

     Hoofard said, “It cracks me up when people perceive animal testing negatively when it’s to benefit humankind.  So you have to think would you rather the rat have cancer or have your cancer cured?”

   Despite the medical benefits, Junior Alex Montillo disagrees with using animals in general.

  “I think it’s inhumane and there are lots of alternatives that we can use,” Montillo said.   

   One of the things Montillo is most bothered by is animal dissections.  

   In our human anatomy class, animal dissections are a part of their lessons. According to Human Anatomy teacher Mike Voss, everyone has these ideas of how animals are treated horribly or inhumanely when really they have procedures they have to do and they know how to properly take care of them.

  Voss said, “It’s extremely important. There’s been many medical breakthroughs, and there will be many more.”

Animals are used in research when there is a need to find out what happens in the whole, living body, which is far more complex than the sum of its parts. It is difficult, and in most cases simply not yet possible, to replace the use of living animals in research with alternative methods, according to

  Many other people do not stand by dissecting, and will not. According to, millions of frogs, cats, dogs, rats, worms, fetal pigs, and other animals suffer and die just so that students can cut them up for a grade.

  “Whose best friend are you dissecting? Animals feel pain just as much as we do,” Montillo said.  

AP human anatomy students performing cat dissections


Key Club elections

by: Natalie Ngim and Amber Libby

Current Key Club officers along with other students ran head to head to see who can bring the ‘key to success’ to the 2016-2017 school year.
Unfortunately, elections, which was scheduled to be on February 5, 2016, had to be canceled because one of the candidates stepped down, and there no longer was anyone running against another for a certain position.
According to Vice President Cherish Escobar, officers have already been decided.
“Adam Tan is secretary, Kim Hernandez is treasurer, Charlyn Bandoy and I are vice presidents, and Bella Ngoc is president” said Escobar.
Key Club elections are considered very important, because without officers, the club would not be able to run smoothly. Club officers hold big responsibilities.They keep track of and organize events, update Key Clubbers via social media, attend district meetings, and sacrifice their time and energy to make their community a better place. Each officer in Key Club has a different role which includes president, two vice presidents, executive officer, secretary, treasurer, and two task coordinators.
No, Key Club isn’t about keys or DJ Khaled. This club is community service oriented, standing for Kiwanis Educated Youth. Students can attend out of school events to earn service hours and stand out when they start applying for college.
“You make lots of friends and build on your leadership skills,” said former Key Club president Delaney Chase.
Many other members also agree about how beneficial the club is.
“Being in Key Club is beneficial to me because it offers so many opportunities and I get to meet new people,” said Sophomore Sonny Phothirath.

key club

Photo courtesy of Key Club

This year’s Key Club officers (2015-2016).


School dance team

By Ivan Altamirano

Victor Chavez

The dance team is stepping up their game.  They’re ready to win some trophies this year because last year was a tough year for the team.

  The difficulties started when they needed a new coach. Later in the year, Dana Moniger took the position. They didn’t get to compete much, but they are competing more this year; they have four competitions this year. Moniger has an ambitious attitude towards the year.

  “I just really want us to have a great year,’’ said Moniger.

  Moniger is familiar with dancing because she took dance in high school, two years of studio classes in middle school, and danced in college.

  Senior Briana Cruze, one of the dance captains that got inspired from her cousin when she was younger.

  “I saw my cousin doing it one time and told my mom I wanted to do that,” said Cruze

  Dance has become a normal part of her life because she has been doing it for a while. Cruze likes to compete for the school dance team because the team gets rewarded when they win. She also dances when she has nothing to do.

  Brenda Melendez, another dance captain, loves to dance and she sees the team as family.  It’s where she can have fun and  relax.

  “We always have bonding time, We’re more like we’re sisters than a team,”said Melendez. Dance doesn’t take a lot of her time because it’s after school and she manages her priorities. Melendez wouldn’t take it as a career, it would just be her side hobby. Dancing releases her stress because when she’s feeling stressed she goes and dances it off.

  Senior Katie Snyder is the third dance captain. She thinks of dance as a sport because dancers do get injured. She earned her spot as a captain through a lot of determination and her coach likes the way she thinks because she likes to look on the bright side of things.


The dance team is getting ready for warm up.

Star Wars: Did it meet the hype?

Anna Chanthaphavong

Noemi Vazquez

Hayley Stevenson

A fan wearing a Star Wars shirt anxiously walks down to the end of the line at the theater, seeing people of all ages waiting, some dressed up as the characters, some wearing merchandise and others dressed in their casual clothes. The doors to the theater opens and many fans start rushing inside, ready to get their seats. The fan sits in excitement as the whole movie plays in front of her, and once the credits started going, she smiles and walks to the exit.

  “It wasn’t that good,” she hears someone say behind her.

  “What are you talking about?  It was amazing,” said a second voice.

  Ever since it was announced that “The Force Awakens” would premiere in December 2015, many people were excited that a new trilogy will be installed and were wondering whether or not it will be as good. The movie was a box office hit in the end , getting 248 million dollars the opening week, according to Forbes Magazine. The fans though had mixed feelings about it, some loving the new movie and the character and others feeling as if it was a copy of the other movies.

  “It was basically was like the original movie, but it was good,” said Junior Isabelle Perez.

  It’s understandable why many people found the new movie to be similar to the original movie since it has the three main characters, one who lives on desert area who ends up learning about the force, a cocky pilot and someone who was captured by the bad guys. The trio is also trying to defeat a new group that wants to take over the galaxy and “restore it”.  

  “Obviously it’s very similar to ‘A New Hope’ but the dialogue is better than all the other movies and I love the new droid,” said Math teacher Aaron Kulbacki

  The new characters is one of the many things people were excited about like the new droid, BB-8, but the diversity of the cast was what got the attention of many. Fans were very happy that the main character and next Jedi was going to be a girl name Rey, and fell in love with the fact that Captain Phasma, the leader of the stormtroopers is a woman. The other two main characters are Finn, a black ex-stormtrooper, and Poe Dameron, a Hispanic man who is the best pilot in the Resistance, which brought racial diversity to the Star Wars universe.

 “The diversity was just great and I love how a girl is the main character for once,” said Perez.  

The biggest thing that got all the fans hyped though was the return of the old characters: Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, C3pO and R2D2. The characters brought back nostalgic for anyone who’ve seen the previous movies. Plus having them come back also answers the questions fans had, including myself, which was what happened to them.

  Despite what the critics and others have said about the movie and its plot and characters, many people were excited about the movie and went to go see it. And many people are pumped and looking forward to see the next movie to know what will happen next.

 Star Wars episode VIII will come out Dec. 18, 2017 and before that there will be different Star Wars movies being released. It was announced that Rogue One: A  Star Wars Story will be released on Dec. 16, 2016 and it will be about how the plans for the first Death Star was stolen, according to Den of Geeks. There is also be a Han Solo Origin story and maybe a Boba Fett movie.

  “It’s Star Wars so you can always expect a great thing,” said Senior Frida Villeda.

star wars movie poster

Star Wars: “The Force Awakens” includes both the new characters and the old characters from the original movie as the plot continues 30 years after “Return of the Jedi”.



Shrek out the school musical

By Charlie Rice & Kassidy Martin

Angela Arnett, director of “Shrek: The Musical” is hoping for a very successful experience filled with eager actors and productive stage hands.

“It takes a lot of work.  I have probably spent 20-30 hours and we haven’t even had the auditions yet,” said Arnett during pre-production.  

Arnett is spending her time choreographing sets and perfecting the music in order to have a smooth running show.

Unknown to the students before auditions took place, Arnett planned on not cutting anybody who auditioned, but finding their strengths and using them in the play. As auditions came to an end, eager actors question if they made it as the part they wanted.

“I think I did ok. I know that there are some people that did better than I did,” said hopeful actor Freshman Riley Richardson who is starring as Dragon and Humpty Dumpty.

The cast also includes Ricardo Zazueta as Shrek, Maria Cardoza and Alia Ramono as Princess Fiona, Andy Zavala as donkey, and Maria Vega as Gingy and the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Special to the play, the directors are bringing in kids to act as characters younger selves. In this version of the play there are characters such as little Shrek who is play by kids Gabriel Horton and Kayile Salvadori, Young Fiona played by kids Briana Sanchez and Gracyn Patterson, and teen Fiona played by kids Mariah Salvadori and Delina Becker.

In charge of vocals for the show is teacher Laura Bowersox. She helps the cast perfect their voices and hit all the key notes in the music. According to Bowersox there are a lot of high notes in the music for Shrek, Fiona, and a few more minor parts.

But actors and the director are not the only ones who contribute to the making of the musical. Haven’t you ever wondered where the props and sets come from? That is the job of the stage hands/crew.

“Getting everything done on time and making sure it is done really well is the hardest part of being a stagehand,” said sophomore Arturo Gomez.

Stagehands are responsible for setting and creating the stage. They help the show run smoothly by setting props behind close curtains. Also working with stages hand are the tech crew. They are in charge of handling the lights, and making sure all key spots are lite correctly and there are no dark spots where actors can’t be seen.

Whether they are an actor, stagehand or the director they all work as a team to make sure the show goes on.

FullSizeRender (1)

Students attend auditions for the “Shrek” school musical