Discrimination is everywhere

By Anna Chanthaphavong

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      Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age or sex.  Everyday discrimination is getting less respect from someone, getting bad service from restaurants or stores, people threatening or harassing you, people telling racist jokes and making fun of you, people acting as if they’re better than you.

People who get discriminated against, but are often overlooked are Deaf people. According to Lydia L. Callis, a writer for the Huffpost Impact, discrimination against Deaf people is called Audism, which is the belief that those with the ability to hear are superior or “normal.” People often see Deaf people as disabled so they treat them with disrespect such as refusing to give them service because they think they don’t understand them or not giving them jobs because they believe they aren’t capable to do it. In our ASL classes, students learn that some hearing people also refer to Deaf people as “deaf and dumb” because some don’t understand what hearing people say and they  think they don’t know as much since they’re deaf. They also mock them for inability to hear and would often not want to hang out with them.

“Discrimination that happens to them  [Deaf people] impacts them emotionally and financially since they often don’t get jobs ,” said Tori Richmann, ASL teacher of all three levels.  

The people who are discriminated the most though are people of color, according to Aaron Blake, writer for the Washington Post. Media always plays a huge role in discrimination against people of color. On social media that’s where all the jokes and stereotypes are used the most which spread more. The usual stereotypes of black people is that they’re all thugs, they talk ghetto and are usually the killers. Asians are usually seen as super smart with funny accents, bad teeth and are bad drivers. Mexican stereotypes include talking ghetto, wearing ponchos, having ridiculous mustaches, being illegal, always speaking Spanish and having their families work in landscaping, according to Lee Standberry, writer for Top Tenz.

“Discrimination in the media influences others to believe one side of the story,” said Senior Manuel Leon Guillen

According to Tanya Gharemani , movies and t.v shows also discriminate because some directors/producers would rather choose a white person to play a character of color than an actual person of color, thus creating, black face, yellow face and brown face; and those characters usually follow the racist stereotypes.

“Little kids see it [movies and t.v shows] and  think that it’s real life,’ said Kymberly Atkins.  

The action of people of color not getting hired has lead to big events like the Oscars to discriminate against others. According to the Huffington Post, only 6.4 percent of actors of color are nominated for an Oscar. For the Best Actor award, four latino men have been nominated and only one has won, 13 black male actors have been nominated but only four have won and only one man with asian descendant has been nominated twice and won one. Only one black woman has won for best actress out of the ten nomination.

“Media plays a role in shifting opinions of others,” said Guillen

Not being winning or being nominated for an award isn’t even the biggest issue women face. According to the United Nations Human Rights, Women work two-thirds of the world’s working hours and produce half of the world’s food, yet they earn only 10 percent of the world’s income and own less than 1 percent of the world’s property. A women can do the same job as a man and the same hours yet get payed lower. Also 1 in 4 women have claimed that were harassed from their male coworkers according to PCI. Women also get discriminated against for their looks and body: if a women has a couple of pounds on her she’s ugly, if she’s too skinny she tries to hard, if she wears to much makeup she’s fake and if she doesn’t wear makeup she’s a slob.

“We [women] get  discriminated against because people are so used to seeing women being submissive, they don’t like the fact that that we’re standing up for ourselves and fighting for equality,” said Senior Vivian Martinez.

For the LGBTQ+, they may have gotten gay marriage legalized and laws preventing discrimination against them made, but they still face discrimination from others at work, in school and in public. At school, LGBTQ+ students have to deal with the word ‘gay’ having a negative connotation, hearing names being called out, being physically harmed and be cyberbullied, which is why they don’t feel safe at school, according to Zack Ford, writer of for Think Progress. In workplaces, it isn’t much different, except this impacts their life more. According to Catalyst and American Aggression, most people who are gay are often ignored or overlooked when it comes to searching for jobs because of their sexualities, thus resulting to them hiding their sexualities. Also about 21% have had negative evaluation written or have been looked over for a promotion and 7-41% have been physically or verbally abused. In addition to that, in 29/50 states a person can be fired for being in the  LGBTQ+ community.

“[To stop discrimination], we just need to see people as people,” said Atkins.


GSA creates safe place for students

By Kassidy Martin

For the LGBTQ+ community it can be difficult to feel safe and comfortable in society because many people often discriminate against them, call them names and try to hurt them. The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is trying to eliminate discrimination in this school by bringing awareness to the discrimination that happens so students, no matter what their sexuality, gender and race can feel safe at this school.

“Sometimes the offender doesn’t even realize they are treating a person differently than others until it is pointed out to them,” said GSA Advisor Patricia Stepanek.

According to a survey done by EHS Journalism,  53 percent of students said that discrimination is a problem at EHS. Forty-six percent of those who said that discrimination was a problem were gay, lesbian, or not sure, and 30% were straight.

At school, LGBTQ+ students have to deal with the word ‘gay’ having a negative connotation, hearing names being called out, being physically harmed and be cyberbullied, which is why they don’t feel safe at school, according to Zack Ford, writer of for Think Progress.

Junior Jack Holzer, a transgender person has been discriminated before for being who he is. People would call him names for being transgender,  but he chooses not to do anything about because it doesn’t impact him as much.

“It doesn’t matter what you think about my gender. You can’t change who I am and who I want to be,” said Holzer.

GSA strives to make LGBTQ+ people feel proud of who they are and make them feel safe at school. At their meetings, they discuss the different sexualities and gender identities so LGBTQ+ can understand themselves and inform others about the different people in society. The more people understand about the LGBTQ+ community, discrimination will happen less because they know of the struggle they go through everyday. GSA also hosts ‘The Day of Silence’, where whoever signs up have to remain silent all day so they could understand and experience what some LGBTQ+ people feel having to be silent about who they are.

“In GSA we talk a lot about how to improve the overall cultural climate for the LGBTQ community and that obviously includes eliminating discrimination against people of differing sexual orientations and gender identities,” said Stepanek.

BSU takes steps to stop discrimination

By Kassidy Martin

EHS has a club called BSU (Bettering Student Unity) to help bring awareness to creating social equality for all ethnicities, especially African Americans who are the most socially unequal according to inquiries Sharon Jank and Lindsay Owens.

  “People didn’t know about black culture besides what they see on tv or what their parents say,” said BSU Adviser Kymberly Atkins.

  The club strives to bring awareness to all the different cultures because there isn’t much represented in the media. According to Tanya Gharemani , movies and t.v shows discriminate because some directors/producers would rather choose a white person to play a character of color than an actual person of color, thus creating, black face, yellow face and brown face; and those characters usually follow the racist stereotypes.

  “Little kids see it [movies and t.v shows] and  think that it’s real life,’ said Atkins.  

  Besides bringing awareness to the different cultures, BSU also celebrates them. Anyone no matter what race, gender, sex, or etc. can join. They want to change the views of those who separate themselves from certain ethnicities, genders. People who are aware of the different cultures will understand and accept others better which will help stop discrimination.

  According to Atkins BSU changed their name because “it no longer was about black people uniting, it became about students bettering unity among themselves. It became about all races, sex, religions coming together to understand each other’s differences and accepting them. We changed our name so people not in our club could understand we aren’t just about black people, we are about all students.”

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Presidential elections are on

By Cynthia Gonzalez, Karla Perez, Victor Chavez, Ivan Altamirano

    Presidential elections will occur on November 8, 2016 where citizens will decide between a Democrat or Republican that will run the executive branch of government.    

  “Vote for the one that are using their term for good, put our tax money where it should be such as schools and public services,” said Government teacher Joe Gelormini.

  As citizens of the United States, one of our duties is to vote for presidents, laws, mayors and much more in order to have a government run by the people. According to Dr. Judith Rich from the Huffington Post, sharing our feelings about the government is important because it has an effect on our everyday lives. Maybe the effects are  very gradual, but it has a lot to do with our freedom as citizens and our ability to shape the government whether it is through education, money or just voting.

  To have the ability to vote, one has to be 18, and sign up whether through the Internet or by going to the DMV. According to massvote.org having the power the vote is strong, that is why it is important to be informed of what is being voted for such as the presidents running in this election.

  “The debates and Super Tuesday are a mess, but there has to be a president that can persuade me,” said Senior Juan Mejia.

   Bernie Sanders, Democrat and former legislative leader and now part of the Senate for Vermont is running for president. Sanders is running to provide equality for everyone: the poor, the colored, women, LGBT, veterans, and people with disabilities. According to bernie sanders.com, Sanders wants to help the 99% of people below the wealthy by taxing the wealthy more than the normal, and providing more jobs for those that need to be paid for the minimum wage. Sanders would use the money for free college, strengthening social security, and helping the economy. While providing for public services, Sanders would also like to help the environment and inform people of what is going on within the environment and steps to be taken to protect it.

  Hillary Clinton, former first lady, senator of New York and Secretary of State is running for the Democrat Party. Like Sanders, Clinton will provide equality for women, the people with disabilities and the lower class that need assistance, as well as the environment. According to hillaryclinton.com, Clinton wants to keep Obama’s ideas going like providing health care, immigration and national security. Although, she has her own plan of putting a large amount of government money into research for Alzheimer’s disease which is a disease that affects memory and behavior as one ages. It is the sixth most leading cause of death in America and has killed over 84,000 people according to cdc.gov. By the year 2025 Clinton hopes that there will be a cure and a prevention for the disease. Apart of caring for the nation as a whole, Clinton wants to protect each individual.

  “The individuals running seem to be shooting for the stars. They all promise almost the exact same thing, the question is who can put on a better show,” said Senior Fernanda Gomez.

  Former US Senator, Ted Cruz is running for the Republican party. According to tedcruz.org Cruz is “proven,passionate, [an] effective fighter for limited government, economic growth and the Constitution.” Cruz argues that religion is important, as Senator he argued that the statement “Under God” with the Pledge of Allegiance is okay because it preserves religion that is protected by the first amendment of the Constitution. Along with protecting the first amendment, the second amendment should also be in full force. According to Cruz, he believes that guns are necessary for protection such as Terrorists. Terrorists and securing borders is another issue Cruz is presenting in order to stop immigrants from coming into the nation he plans to build walls, triple the border security and place surveillance.

  Donald Trump is a businessman and writer running for the Republican party. Trump wants to do more than get rid of the immigrants. Although that is one of large concerns, Trump plans to have a huge tax reform making taxing simpler. According to donaldtrump.com, Trump wants to help Americans keep money in their pockets by lessening taxes and make filing taxes much more simpler. Along with the tax reform, Trump wants to get rid of the healthcare provided by President Barack Obama in 2010 which was known as Obamacare. As a Republican, Trump sees the health care as a waste of taxpayers money and is not helping the economy and would prefer to get rid of it as a whole. Weakening health care and providing more for our veterans. Trump wants veterans to receive the aid they need immediately along with more respect; another thing Trump would like to respect just like Cruz is the right to guns and citizens have the power to decide what to do with them. Trump is unique in the fact that he believes America should be a little more tougher with China and the trade being done by bringing an end to illegal transport, have Americans stop giving China the advancements discovered in the United Sates and decrease the amount of our corporate tax rate. This issue with China that Trump has makes his argument unique since it is coming from a businessman’s point of view.  

  “It’s tough to say who’ll win this election, but it’ll be interesting what happens in their presidency,” said Gelormini.

Pic Poll:

Do You think it’s a good idea to have free universities and have the government pay?

DSC_0001 (1)

“ Freshman Joseph Jones, Sure, but the prices would be higher at the stores.”


Freshman Virginia Acosta

“ No, because they are already paying for our elementary, middle school, high school. University is on you to do.”


Sophomore Erika Valladares

“Yes because it is very expensive and to me it seems to be the reason why most students choose not to go”


Junior Natanael Garcia

“Yes because it’s getting expensive to go to school and for some Financial Aid doesn’t cut it.”


Senior Alan Montano

“No because after high school we’re adults and we should figure it out on our own.”

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Sports impact students’ lives

By Emily Vite, Jazmin Olea, Jacky Osorio_DSC0677.JPG Escondido High school won their game against Del Norte High school.

 “Are you going to tutorial today?” someone asked.

  “No, I have a game and I have to get home and do homework,” someone answered.

   Being in a sport can teach students how to be responsible, how to lead, and how to live a  healthier life. Sports can also have a negative impact in students life their grades might drop and injuries might happen.

      To be able play in a sport students need to maintain a GPA of 2.0; if students do not have the GPA they are required to have, they will be put in a contract for six weeks in able for them to get their grades up.   The hours that students spend at practice to getting home to do homework– it really does add up to students’ life. Many may think that their grades might drop from A’s to D’ or F’s but not exactly since students believe that sports encourage them to do better in school since they are required to have a certain GPA.

  “Being part of field hockey taught me how to be responsible.  My grades did drop though, but I had to keep them up because I had to have a GPA of 2.0 to be able to play,” Senior Joselynn Ruiz said.

   There are many reasons why students join sports: they want to meet new people, maybe they have never played a sport before and they want to try something new. There a lot of sports students can choose from whichever makes them feel comfortable.

   Senior Ricardo Guerrero said, “I joined football my sophomore year because I wanted to experience something new and meet new friends.”

   Not only do sports teach students how to be responsible, but it helps them to have a healthier life. Sports help students take out their anger or  it can be a part of their life.

  Junior Natanael Garcia said, “I started playing soccer because it’s not just a sport to me. Whenever I am mad or just stressing out on something I go out and play soccer and when I come back home I feel better. You can say soccer is a big part of my life.”

   Even though there are many positives sides of how sports impact students’ lives positively, sports can  also impact students’ lives negatively.

   Many high school students have injuries while being in a sport. According to American Academy of Orthopaedic surgeons, the most common sports injuries in high school are concussion, acute injuries, overuse injuries like stress fracture.

  There are many benefits to joining a sport. According to Livestrong.com kids who are active in school sports are fitter, and more confident.

   Participation in sports give students the experience to belong and be part of a team. They interact with teammates and they get to learn more of their teammates and get to help each other.

  Freshmen Leila Carranza said, “Being part of the basketball team helped me when I was stressed with school work or just with family problems. Since I joined sports I have learned how important is to be healthy.”


Sports survey (jacky).jpg

Pic Poll:

How have sports been beneficial to you?


Senior Joselynn Ruiz “Sports are beneficial to me because it has taught me to push myself harder than I thought I could. Also because I met new friends who have taught me the true meaning of a team.”


Junior Dionicio Miguel, “It made me realize how precious life is and every decision you make has an outcome that can affect your life.”


Sophomore, Dylan Hageman “It keeps me healthy and it helps me make new friends.”


Freshman Leila Carranza,”Sports have helped me manage my time and I’ve learned how to get along with others.

DSCN1119 (1).JPG

Junior Joselle Serrano, “I have made new friends. It keeps me healthy and it makes me happy.”


Senior Andrew Marrone, “It kept me in shape through high school.”