Disc Jockey helps students support their jocks

By Kim Hernandez

DJ Swell’s forehead crinkles in concentration as he prepares his next song to play. The Rowdy Crowd waits in anticipation to hear a familiar beat. A few clicks later, and a new song is blasting through the speakers and heads nod to the rhythm. It is definitely not your typical AUX cord determining these song remixes.

Thanks to our Associated Student Body’s efforts to ensure that students enjoy the school events available to them, local disc jockey, DJ Swell, will be at every home football game to help the Rowdy Crowd do what they do best: cheer on our football team.

“He really adds flavor and substance to the high school experience,” Senior ASB member Ricky Gutierrez said. “I mean, how many schools can say that they have a DJ at every home football game, you know?”

You can find DJ Swell and his staff at many other school events, but it is the first time that he has been hired to be at every home game of the football season. In addition, he will also be making an appearance at both the Homecoming Pep Rally on Oct. 28, and the Homecoming Dance on Oct. 29.

“[Having DJ Swell] set a really high standard for all the other games, and it gets better each game. If he had not come to the first home game, I don’t think the turnout would have been as great as it was,” Senior Shannon Rocha said.

Hailing from the city of Las Vegas, DJ Swell is no stranger to sound systems and music. In high school, he was a member of his own school’s ASB and helped run the sound for school events. His experience has helped EHS’s Rowdy Crowd be spirited for football games.

DJ Swell can’t take credit for everything. “I believe spirit begins with the students! If anything, I only add fuel to the fire. I’m so thankful to be a part of your school events,” DJ Swell said.


Photo courtesy of DJ Swell (@djswell) Dave Hansen, better known as DJ Swell, prepares to play music for a football game.


Ms. Plantz is growing her way into the EHS community

By;Colin Atlas

   Martha Plantz, former substitute teacher and AVID tutor, is now being kept on her toes as a full-time, first-year teacher.

  “It is a lot of work, but it is very rewarding,” said Plantz.

  Before teaching at Escondido High School, she was a college student getting her credential at Cal State San Marcos.

  After getting her credential she began substituting at three different high schools: Escondido, Orange Glen and San Pasqual High School.

  When she was substituting at other high schools, she was also an AVID tutor here at Escondido High School.

  “Escondido felt like home and everyone was very nice here,” said Plantz, which is one of the reasons she chose to settle and teach math here.

  When it comes to teaching, her students are encouraged to try their best.

  “She describes math in a way that everyone understands and has their own perception,” said Freshman Jessica Rubalcaba.

  Students believe that she shows different ways to solve real world problems when it comes to math and that it is a positive learning environment to be in.

  “Ms. Plantz is very calm when it comes to teaching and she puts flavor into her teaching,” said Freshman Jabari Washington.

  Teaching-wise students agree that it is at a moderate comfortable pace of learning for students and she has a good control over her classroom when it comes to students having the best learning environment.

  “She is just a super cool teacher overall,” said Washington.


   Freshman Jabari Washington is looking over question for the in class assignment during third period.


New teacher curious about where her career will lead

By:Daniel Gibson

    Jessica Jackson, a new Biology and Oceanography teacher at Escondido High School, is excited to be teaching her first year here.

  “It’s exciting and nice to work with high school students because of their higher thinking,” Jackson said.

  The students in Jackson’s classes have always found a way to make a project very interesting for her because something always goes wrong, but they all just laugh it off and redo the project, making the most fun out of what they have to do, according to Jackson.

Jackson was an assistant teacher for two years and this is her first year of teaching on her own.

  Jackson was excited about her first day of teaching.

  She said, “I was excited and I was curious as to what the students were like.”

  Jackson teaches her students how to develop the effort of completing assignments and organization skills.  

  Students like the assignments and activities in Jackson’s class.

   Junior Daniel Nunez said, “My favorite assignment is putting all of our work into a packet; it’s really fun and she makes it very interesting to do.”

  Jackson also is liked by all of the students in her classes, according to Nunez.

“She’s really fun,” Nunez said.  “She comes up with a lot of cool and fun games to help us study or learn certain concepts.”

  “Very interesting class,” Junior Sammy Lopez said, “I would highly recommend this teacher, 10/10 best teacher”.


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EHS takes on Velazquez Twins

By:Cherish Escobar

   Seniors Yzabel Velazquez and Victoria Velazquez are identical twins that have attended Escondido High School since 2013 and have similar interests and classes as well as the same close group of friends.

  “The twins aren’t easy to tell apart unless you really get to know them. They dress the same and have the same interests, but their personalities are unique,” Senior Cameron Deubig said, a close friend to the twins.

  People constantly mix up Yzabel and Victoria from each other, although both twins have had a positive impact on our campus by being actively involved in everything from AP classes to varsity volleyball.

  Deubig said, “You can’t have a favorite twin because they are the same in the way that they are different.”

  The Velazquez twins are used to being mixed up.

  Victoria Velazquez said, “Yeah I’m used to it. I get called Yzabel at least once a day. People always ask me if I get mad but I only pretend to because it’s funny to joke about it with people.”  

  Although most can’t tell the difference between them, they both are highly involved in our campus and are role models to our students, and the impact of not one, but two individuals that continue to impact EHS with their activities.

  Victoria said, “Yzabel and I are similar and different in a lot of ways. One of us is more organized than the other in general.”

  Although they are both very different from each other, Yzabel Velazquez said, “We’re both involved in volleyball, and are managers for boys volleyball.”

  Their similarities in physical appearance is not the only thing they have in common, as they both actively take part in our community and have made a difference in our school’s community.



Seniors Victoria Velazquez and Yzabel Velazquez along with their volleyball team at the end of their volleyball season.

Letter from the editor


  Dear Cougars,

  This is your Editor-in-Chief for the magazine “The Cougar” and I’m here to tell you about our journalism class, the goals for our magazine this year and how you can help get involved.   

  Our class wouldn’t exist without the First Amendment since it gives us freedom of speech, press, assembly, religion and petition. The First Amendment gives us the ability to say what we want, print out a magazine and try to make a change in our school and community.

  In order to do this, students in our class can write about any issues or topics they want and what can be done to change it. We also highlight issues, events, teachers, students, staff and sports in order to inform the student about what is happening in our school.

  Our class is student-run so it’s up to our staff to decide what stories they want to write, how they want the magazine to look like and what we want to do next. Our class is not funded by the school so we have raise money ourselves through advertising and sponsorships.

  One of our goals in the class is to promote the First Amendment and your rights as students. The other goal is to bring awareness to any issue or events happening in our school, community and world and give a voice to the students.

 You can have your voice heard and  help our magazine by writing us a letter and send it to room 209. In this letter you can tell us what you want to see in our magazine, any suggestions to help us improve, inform us any issue, event, clubs or people you want to talk about,  your thoughts on certain stories, or just your opinion on the magazine overall.

 Writing letters to us helps us get involved more with the school, supports our class and helps us improve our magazine. You can also get involved or support us by helping us with advertisement. So if you or someone you know wants to buy an ad, make a donation, or sponsor us, just contact us or ask our advisor or one of the journalism students for an ad contract.


          Your 2016-2017 Editor-in- Chief,

           Anna Chanthaphavong



Teacher who work and graduated from EHS have special connection to school

    By:Miranda Gonsales

   Teachers who graduated from Escondido High School and then return to teach new generations feel a special connection to the school, staff and students.

  Patricia Stepanek graduated from EHS in 1988, and has been a teacher at EHS for 10 years. She teaches Biology, Honors Biology and Advanced Placement (AP) Biology.

  “Those of us who graduated from here feel a sense of loyalty,” Stepanek said.

  Stepanek enjoys being back at her formal school and says she feels a special connection to the school. Stepanek recalls going to football games and events with her six older siblings since she was 5-years old.

  Stepanek teaches biology in the same classroom she took biology in, and said it’s neat experience to be back in the same class teaching a subject she enjoys.

  Stepanek said, “I think the spirit of being a Cougar has stayed the same.”

  Michael Jackson is another graduate from EHS from 1987. Jackson has been a teacher at EHS for 19 years. He teaches College and Career Readiness, English 11 and AP Literature and Composition.

  “I wanted to be here because this is a special place for me. It’s kind of like my home,” Jackson said.

  Jackson loves being back at EHS, which feels like a second home to him. Jackson explained he feels like working at the school he graduated from is more than just a job, and he enjoys getting up in the morning to go to work.

  Freshman Sarai Valdez, who is in Mirna Hernandez’s (Class of 2020) PE class , said that teachers who graduated from EHS feel more comfortable on the campus.

  Valdez said, “They know what it’s like to have Escondido high school experience. I feel like she feels more comfortable here because she’s been here longer.”1rh6smax8m09wlbsvgzq9hkokdt9w2mup7rfhhbopmdljamis2p6u8e5x2d2qwsjfkkreas2048web2web3 web4