‘Stranger Things’ gets stranger with second season


Kim Hernandez

 Following the success of its first season, fans of the Netflix Original series Stranger Things” are anticipating the release of the show’s second season. While there has not been an official announcement about its release date, it is confirmed for its production, and is predicted that it will be released mid-to-late 2017.

“Each episode always ends with a cliffhanger and it makes you want to watch more until there’s nothing left to watch,” senior Natalie Ngim said. “I like the show because of the 80’s vibe, too.”

  The show itself follows the adventures of three small-town boys in 1980’s Indiana who search for their friend Will Ryder who mysteriously disappears in the first episode. Most of the success of the show can be attributed to the nostalgic tone of the series and fans enjoy how the cinematography is a nod to horror movies of the era.

  Even if you aren’t a fan of classic 1980’s horror films, you would still be likely to enjoy the show. I’ve seen the classics like ‘Carrie’ and ‘The Manhattan Project’ that the show references, but you don’t need to understand the references to enjoy them. The nostalgic feeling is there, and that’s what you’ll take away from the series when you watch it.

  In an interview on June 27, 2016 with Time Magazine, lead actress Winona Ryder commented that the series was, “this love letter to the movies [the directors] watched when they were growing up. They’re in their mid-thirties, so they grew up with these films like ‘Stand by Me,’ ‘E.T.’ and ‘Close Encounters.’ I know nostalgia has come back a lot.”      

    Personally, I think the show can also attribute its success to its medium. Fans can stream the series at any time on almost any device, making it easier to keep watching. In the past, you would wait for your favorite show to air on TV, but due to the rise in the popularity of web series, you don’t have to wait to watch your favorite shows. To watch the whole series in one setting, you would need to set aside about seven hours.

  “With Netflix, I can binge watch the entire season instead of waiting for new episodes to come out, and there are no commercials,” Ngim said.

  Film critics also recognize the show’s success.  In 2016, the series was nominated for two Golden Globe awards, a Grammy for its soundtrack, a People’s Choice Award and various other awards. In January, at the 23rd annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Stranger Things won an award for Outstanding Performance in an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

  The first season left many questions: Where’s Barb? What happened to Eleven? How did the town respond to Will coming back from the dead? What happens next?  

In an interview on  Aug. 11, 2016 with the New York Times, the show’s creators Matt and Ross Duffer said, “We can’t pick up at Christmas time, where we left off. We’ve been talking a lot about “Harry Potter” just in terms of how they dealt with these kids growing older.”

   According to the Duffer brothers  fans should expect to see more grown up versions of their favorite characters in the upcoming second season. Many of the actors are children, so fans will get to grow up with the cast (just like “Harry Potter” fans have done) as new seasons and episodes come out in the future.


Photo courtesy of Netflix


All 8 Stranger Things episodes premiered in July of 2016, and are available to be streamed on Netflix. The second season’s release date has not been announced, but is highly anticipated.


“As it is” stays as it is

By; Noemi Vazquez

    I like music that makes me tap my foot along with the beat, and I got that reaction when I first listened to British pop punk band “As it is”.  Their newly released second album that dropped Jan. 20, under Fearless Records, titled “Okay” had me singing along and nodding my head to the music.

  The album artwork and title track “Okay”, is easily the most catchy song. The album artwork is inspired from the 1950’s, such as the clothes, hairstyle and house. The lyrics reflects the ideal that the someone’s world may seem perfect or in other words live the cookie cutter life, but actually be troubled.

  “We have our ideal versions of ourselves  that we put on Instagram, or our snapchat, Twitter and Facebook, when really, we are more complicated, more troubled as people than we advertise. That is kind of how the 1950’s felt, for me it seems,” said Patty Walters, the band’s frontman, in an interview with  Meg Kennedy from The Au Review.
  They kick off their album with melodic guitar strumming in the song “Pretty little distance”, that was released in October as a single. The song is really catchy and you can easily find yourself singing along to the lyrics such as “Ain’t life swell from a pretty little distance? I don’t want to leave, I don’t want to stay”.  

  The second song is my favorite. It is the album titled track Okay’. I love it because it sounds so uplifting and positive, but the lyrics are quite meaningful with it saying “I felt a year’s worth of hurt and sadness catching up with me”.

  The following song ‘No way out’ is my personal favorite; especially the bridge. He transitions from singing to talking and I am completely in love it as well as the lyrics. He says “I begin to see myself for who I truly was, Somebody desperate, Somebody entirely out of their depth, Somebody beyond their abilities to cope And as I exhale out the pain. I’m digesting the severity of the depression I feel. “

  “Musically, the song is fast, dark and aggressive, so we wrote lyrics that would parallel and complement those qualities. Overall, our lyrics on this record are more honest and vulnerable than ever, and this song’s bridge especially is a prime example of that,” said Walters about the song ‘No way out’  in an interview with Upset Magazine.

  The entire album, although not the typical music I listen too since I am more of a fan of heavier music, was really good. It had upbeat music and despite the dark lyrics, it is definitely worth a try.  They definitely stuck with  “Sad lyrics, cool music”.


As It Is, 50’s inspired album artwork that ties along to the songs.


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Annual spring musical, The Little Mermaid, is performed by Esco

Sophie Speckhahn

 Escondido High School is performing the classic musical, “The Little Mermaid” as the annual spring musical on April 28 and 29, directed by Angela Arnett who has been at Escondido High School f or 19 years and the drama teacher for five.

   “My favorite part is watching the students grow and make friendships. Once they are involved, they learn to love it and get hooked. They all become really close,” said Arnett.

  It’s a great experience for everyone who participates in activities  such as making the background and costumes, doing the lighting, and singing in the musical.

  “I did a survey with a lot of different groups of people including both boys and girls to find out what musical people wanted us to do,” said Arnett.

  She was surprised when this play was chosen, but she is excited and has lots of cool stuff such as props.

  Sophomore Ruby Hoang said, “Watching the progress of putting everything together is my favorite part. It takes a lot of time, commitment, and willingness to learn new skills.”

  This is Hoang’s first year doing stagecraft, but she has been involved in the drama department before. She helped out in “Just Another High School Play” earlier this year and is excited to build up her leadership and teamwork skills.

  Sophomore Shelby Cossey, who has been in different musicals for the past five years, said, “I love the theatre community and singing. I get to use my dance experience. In the past I have done “Once Upon a Mattress”, “A Christmas Carol”, “Peter Pan”, “The Little Mermaid”, “Shrek”, and “13.”

  The musical costs $5  for students and $8 for adults so make sure to be there to support the drama department.     


Esco puts on Disney’s The Little Mermaid for their spring musical.


Why School Should Start Later

  By; Scarlett Cardenas

For years, the school has been considering a later start time for students claiming their current start time is too early for students.

  On the other hand, moving the current start time even half an hour later could cause other issues.

  However, school should start later in the morning in order to help students perform better in school both academically and socially.

  “I think the current start time is too early for students and they aren’t ready for it,” said Lisa Courduff, school nurse at EHS. “Students aren’t focused in class. They aren’t alert or ready to learn and that negatively affects their academic performances.”

  According to The National Sleep Foundation, teenagers nowadays are seriously sleep deprived. Studies reveal that 60 percent of children under the age of 18 complained about being tired during the day, according to parents, and 15 percent said they’ve fallen asleep in class during the year.

  Sleep patterns shift towards later times for both sleeping and waking up for adolescents. Teens need about about eight to ten hours of sleep each night to function best. Lack of sleep can limit one’s ability to learn, listen, concentrate and solve problems. In order to learn better and be focused in class, students need at least nine and a half hours of sleep per night.

  Although there are many reasons as to why school should start later, it’s not as simple as it sounds with just making the last bell announcing the beginning of first period ring later. There are reasons as to why the school continues to debate on this topic.

  “Students and teachers aren’t the only ones who would be rattled by the school schedule change. The extra wave of commuters will shift traffic patterns, working parents will need to scramble to find morning childcare and next thing you know, the whole town has to adjust,” said Jayme Wagner when interviewed for the magazine Scholastic Choices.

  Starting school later in the morning could also affect those with busy schedules after class. With class starting later, class would also have to end later, affecting students with extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs.

  Despite this setback, the benefits of school starting later outweigh the negative effects. By adjusting the school’s start time by even half an hour later, the amount of tardies per day could decrease greatly and students get extra time to sleep at night also decreasing the amount of students yawning and not paying attention during class.

  According to the academy school 20 district in Colorado, when they changed their start time from 7:05 to 7:45, they noticed less tardiness and happier students and did not affect extracurricular activities or sports.

  “School needs to start later. I have to ride my bike to school and I always feel tired unless I go to sleep at six in the afternoon.” said Sophomore Aidan Doerfler. “I think school should start at about eight thirty because then I would wake up at a decent time and not stress out about getting to school late,” said Doerfler.

  It seems that more students would agree to the idea that school needs to start later because it interferes with the students ability to sleep well in order to learn and be alert the next day. The students at EHS are the future generation and they need to learn well in  order to be successful after high school.



Michelle Obama’s impact on today’s generation

By; Analina Valenzuela

 Michelle Obama, 44th First Lady of the United States, is known for her motivational speeches and empowering women all over the world. She does so much for women, education, people of color, and didn’t just focus on the U.S., but all around the world as well.

  Gear Up Coordinator Elizabeth Alvarado, said that Obama, “inspired me to be involved more in the community, handle criticism with grace and face fear.”

  In an article, “Top 16 Accomplishments of Michelle Obama,” it states, Michelle and Barack Obama launched Let Girls Learn which calls on countries around the world to empower women and help young girls get an education. She also launched a movement called Let’s Move! to promote parents to support their children in making healthier food choices.

  Personally, Obama has influenced me to not let anyone or anything stop me from achieving my goals. Having her, a woman of color, in such a high position for me was so refreshing and inspirational. I am a woman of color and as a little girl looking up to her made me believe I can do the same.

  Alvarado feels Obama made a tremendous impact on this generation today because she made the effort to get to know the people and their situations.

  During and after the election, people have experienced fear with what was being said and what has been done in the U.S. so far. We have to remember that we do have rights in this country. We have to remember that the U.S. is a country of immigrants. No matter where you come from, you are apart of this country and its history.

   “Now there is fear and she gives us hope and to be that hope and to motivate ourselves” said Alvarado.

  Senior Johan Rivas would thank Obama for fighting for equal rights, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and women. Also for being a great leader for our country, according to Rivas.

  Senior Berenice Mendez feels Obama impacted today’s generation by becoming a strong role model. Even though Obama is married to someone powerful she showed that she herself is powerful too, according to Mendez.

  For the eight years that Michelle Obama was in office, she showed nothing but respect to the American people and everyone around the world. She left a remarkable impact on the children of the U.S. because she cares that we get the best education. She fought for the children and young adults and inspired us to believe that we have a voice in this world.

  From what we learned from Obama, we have to remember to keep that with us. We have a voice and we have to keep using it.

Michelle Obama smiles after giving her speech at a Barack Obama rally during his 2012 campaign.

Photo Courtesy of flickr. michelle-obama-flickr


Is senior year too expensive?

By; Francisco Orozco

   Many high schoolers, including me, believe that their last and final year of highschool is way too expensive and that leads me think that some of the expenses are not worth the price.

     In the Consumerist, Chris Morran estimated senior year with a price tag around $10,000.  At EHS, the average senior pays $80-$100  for things like yearbook, prom,

Grad night, and school memorabilia.

    Many students do not have jobs and are not able to afford all of their senior expenses. Personally, I have to ask my mom for the money, but most of the time she does not have enough money.

    Although some high school students may have a job they are only receiving minimum wage pay in which may still not be enough.

    “I’m a senior in high school with no job; the school should cover the costs,” Senior Hugo Cerda said.

     The real question is: senior year, is it overpriced?

Senior year costs more than it is worth, in my opinion, because there are multiple purchases that are over $100 which is worth more than the average young adult can earn (not counting expenses all together).

    There should be a type of financial aid program that helps students that need financial assistance. There are things that will not need to be purchased because it falls in part with the “academic experience” in which the school will provide you with, such as cap and gowns.

     “It depends on families and their needs” said ASB teacher Mrs. Weiner. Some families are different than others and may have financial issues where they may not be able to pay for their children’s school expenses. In that case a financial aid program for senior expenses would be a great idea.

    There should be a decrease in the costs of senior expenses. A senior expense financial program needs to be looked into. Students need to speak up about their personal financial situations in order to see change.