NCAl strive for championship

   By; Anna Chanthaphavong

   The varsity North County Academic League, NCAl team has been practicing both at lunch and after school every week to improve their skills and knowledge in order to win league and go to the championships.

  “The JV team last year won the championship so we’re hoping to win again this year,” said Liliana Guitierrez Lopez.

  Since it’s the varsity team, their questions are more challenging so the team spends their lunch practicing on Monday and Tuesday, along with after school  practice that are usually one to two hours everyday.

  “Seniors are busy people,” said Patricia Stepanek, varsity coach. “It’s hard to schedule times for all of us to be together.”

  During their practices they pull out buzzers and take their seats as if they are competing in a competition and their coach prepares them for questions that might come up during their competition. The questions for varsity are broader as they focus on math, science, music, art history, literature, government, current events, geography and any general trivia.

  “It’s difficult sometimes because the school doesn’t have French anymore or teach us topics like art history,” said Guitierrez.

  The team also practices bonus questions, talk strategies such as what to do if you don’t know the question and brush up on their math skills and other subjects they were fuzzy on so they’re ready for competitions.

  On competition days, which take place on Thursdays, the team spends all day practicing until it is their time to compete at 9p.m. The two teams send five players up to the table and they try to answer the questions before the other team does. When a team receive a bonus question, they have 30 seconds to work together to come up with the answers to the five questions. Whichever team has the most points wins the competition.

  “You have to think quickly and have communication with your teammates,” said Senior Odelia Ha. “No person knows everything which is why it’s important to work together.”


Varsity NCAL team pull out the buzzers and work on practice problems read by their coach at their after school practice on Wednesday, January 25.



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