Palomar Classes at EHS

By; Cherish Escobar

   Our EHS campus is now offering three courses on campus that all grades can take for high school and college credits.

EHS counselor Marybelle Esteban said, “The classes you can take include Computer Concepts, Chicano Studies and Oral Communication.”

These college courses should be meeting twice a week until late May.

These classes are very important especially for those planning to go to a CSU/UC as they are transferrable to these colleges.

College and Career technician Bonnie DeThomas said, “As of right now, the oral communications class is not in place as we have not found an instructor for the class, but there is a possible late start if we find one”.

According to our school website, the computer concepts course is an introduction to Windows operating system and application software including basic proficiency of the Internet; browsers and e-mail. Chicano studies focuses on the Chicano in The United States: A survey of early American History from the Mexican/Chicano perspective. The oral communications class focuses on public speech.

Not only are these classes transferrable to future prospective colleges, but students also learn valuable information for free, before it costs you money to take them after you graduate.

Senior Isabelle Perez said, “I would highly recommend taking these elective classes to underclassmen for more credits to graduate as they are informative and will benefit you in the long run”.

These classes run tentatively until May 25 and give students five credits towards graduation and for college credit as well.

The Escondido Palomar College campus located on East Valley Parkway.

Palomar College Escondido Campus. Stephen Davis/The Telescope



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