Yearbook is like no other elective


By; Madeline Church

   Yearbook is a business run elective that records events, sports and clubs, throughout the entire year.  Yearbook not only lets students be creative, it teaches them real life situations. Like running a business.  

  ¨I for sure think everything I learn this year will carry throughout my  life,” said Senior Aubrey Kelly.

  This class is not like any other elective. Students  have to be interviewed  so they can take this elective. There are a total of 36 students attending.  This class has lots of responsibilities, the largest being, advertising and promoting the yearbook.


The students organize and layout everything in the yearbook. Each student is assigned with a page and gets sent out to collect stories. But they need the advisor’s approval before publishing it. Jud Bordman has been the advisor for four years  and recommends everyone to join.


¨Anyone can join! Especially students who are artists, writers, photographers and videographers. It’s is a great class to join,¨ said Bordman.

This class is not all just advertising, the students have to make the yearbook.  They work online designing their page. They use programs like Adobe photoshop and illustrator and  these programs require student to think critically and be creative.


“Making the yearbook is fun. We get to learn about designing and photography. You get to take pictures and meet people. I’m a social person and photographer. This class is awesome,” said freshman Meaghan Latulippe.

 This elective is expensive to keep running. On average they spend around $65,000 just to print the 700 books per year they sell. They are always advertising for students to buy their yearbook early, to help students save money. At the beginning of the year they were selling for $80 with free icons on the cover. Later on the year the price will increase. For the first time, Yearbook is offering fundraising opportunities for students to buy their book. If you want a yearbook and need help with money or just want to learn about the class, come see Coach Bordman.  You can find him in room 806.


Yearbook is a team. They are always finding new ways to advertise and sell the yearbook.  They’re are always trying to include everyone in the yearbook and want to capture every student and every moment to make the yearbook more special and enjoyable.

  ¨A yearbook is the only thing in your life that no one ever wants to throw that away.  Ask your teachers, they all still have them. Creating something that tells the story of the entire school year, that is really cool to me and that is why I love yearbook.¨  said Bordman.




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