The Escondido high school girl’s varsity softball team soars to victory

  By; Ivanna Dolegowaki

   Escondido High School’s Spring 2017 girl’s Varsity softball team has so far had a successful season this year.

  The girl’s Varsity softball team will play 28 games this softball season and may get to go to the CIF championship.

  There are six Seniors on the Varsity team: Sara Nava, Brynn Miller, Carla Bologna, Annabelle DelBosque, Grace Finn and Haley Atilano.  

  Cary Weiler is the coach for the Varsity softball team. Weiler has been coaching Softball for 37 years and he started coaching when his daughter was seven.

 “I like seeing the girls be successful,” said Weiler.

  Senior Grace Finn is on the Varsity team and has been playing softball since she was 5 or 6 years old. Finn plays center field and plans to continue playing softball at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio after she graduates.

  Finn’s favorite part of being on the Varsity team is playing with all her friends.

  Senior Brynn Miller was the catcher for the EHS Varsity softball team last year and this year Miller plays shortstop. Miller has been playing softball for 13 years and has been on the Varsity team for three years and plans to continue playing softball at Doane University in Nebraska after she graduates.

  “I just like playing the game and winning,” said Miller.   

  The Softball season ends toward the end of May right before Memorial Day on May 29.

  At the end of the softball season, there’s a Softball Banquet which is held in the PAC where Novice, Junior Varsity, and Varsity teams gather to have dinner and get awards. Even the parents get to participate with the teams.

Photo by Ivanna Dolegowski

WOW! Escondido High School’s Girls Varsity Softball Senior Brynn Miller plays against Hilltop High as she helps her team pull ahead by hitting a home run and brings herself and another runner home.Senior Varsity Brynn Miller_Ivanna



Ordinal Scale: A treat for SAO fans Worldwide

By; Scarlett Cardenas

 Years after its original premiere in the US, Sword Art Online got its first canon movie which premiered in the US March 9, 2017. It was a one day, one screening event in select movie theaters in the US. Tickets were purchasable before on websites such as Fandango and Regal Cinemas.

  The sequel movie of the original anime, manga, and light novel series, Sword Art Online (SAO) created by Reki Kawahara, called Ordinal Scale (OS) took place after the events of season two.

  The movie takes place in 2026, about four years after the incident of VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) game SAO (Sword Art Online) keeping the players captive in the game until the game was cleared two years after by beta tester Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito) and Asuna, a female gamer and in-game wife who he fell in love with while trapped in SAO. She was known as the strongest and most beautiful female (of the few) in the game, she and Kirito vowed to survive SAO and to be together in the real world.  

  The movie’s plot revolves around their relationship and the release of a device that allows the use of virtual reality in real life. Its most popular game being Ordinal Scale (OS). The game featured old SAO bosses and live musical performances from an AI (Artificial Intelligence) singing idol who was a mascot for OS named Yuna. Nothing is suspicious until former SAO survivors who fought against the old SAO bosses in OS begin to experience memory loss revolving their time spent in SAO, including Asuna, and Klein, one of the first friends Kirito made when he first played SAO on its release day. Finding this highly suspicious and interesting, Kirito begins investigating Ordinal Scale and its connection with the SAO incident in order to save everyone’s memories of SAO from being completely erased.

  I thought this movie was a brilliant addition to the Sword Art Online storyline that all SAO fans will like. It expands the storyline, introduces new characters and gives further development to the main cast. I bought a ticket online to see the movie on the premiere in theaters. I had an amazing time. The theater had plenty of anime fans bursting with excitement, including me.

  SAO fans who have seen the film say that the film is like the sequel the anime never got. That the audience got the feeling that something very important was constantly at stake. The movie is bound to make fans of the anime fall in love with the series once again. It was given the same formula for season 1 but continuing from season 2 while introducing new characters and giving underrated characters more background and screen time. This movie does justice to season 2 because it fills previous plot holes and unanswered questions as well.

Photo Courtesy of Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Wiki.

Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale theatrical movie poster

SAO Ordinal Scale


Reality of High School

By; Noemi Vasquez

“High school musical” told me we would be singing random duets during passing period. “Mean girls” showed me that mean girls will rule the school. “The Duff” told me that the popular jock would fall in love with the unpopular girl. “Easy A”  told me that everybody will know and be involved in anything that happens to you.

And life taught me that none of that is true.

Movies and shows have given this illusion that high school is a place where people know everything about one another, parties happen every week, romance is a big part of your life and that you’re going to get beat up by bullies if you stand out from what society sees as “normal”.

“I thought it would be like High school musical..sad face,” said Senior Yzabel Velasquez.

   High school does not break out in dance numbers randomly, nor do we constantly party,  at least from my experience.

When in reality high school is boring, stressful, challenging, fast paced and overwhelming. We all are too busy worrying about our own issues, we’re oblivious to others.

For example, in the movie Easy A everybody knew about Olive’s life. When in reality, nobody cared.

“Nobody will actually care about your life. Everyone’s just concerned about their own problems,” said senior Dionicio Miguel.

The school isn’t ruled by the “popular kids” either.  

Like in the movie Mean Girls, where ‘The Plastics’ rule the school. In reality, there are no mean girls that terrorize the entire student body.

I think pre-teens need to be given a more accurate picture of what to expect in high school. Like having high school seniors mentor and talk to 8th graders.

Personally, I was disappointed with high school.  It was not at all how I pictured it to be.

The movie industry sure didn’t help either. Hyping up high school gives kids expectations that high school will not be able to meet.

“High school isn’t like in movies or even books. The most exciting thing that has happened to me the past four years was when I got a free taco at Taco Bell,” said Senior Verenice Garcia.

The Great Wall Review

By; Edith Gonzalez

 Starting off during the time of the Song Dynasty, “The Great Wall”,  is a movie that has multiple genres primarily, action. There are two men named William Garin and Tovar who are leading their troop in search for “black powder”. These heroic men have been riding for six months and are running low on sources.  

  These two men went to the Great Wall of China to see if they could exchange what they believed was the arm of a vicious beast that they had previously sliced off after being attacked, in exchange for black powder and goods.

  After hearing the proposal, I was expecting the Commander that they had talked to have just killed them at that very spot where they stood which surprised me. This movie is definitely not predictable because in some scenes I believed that.

  Legend has it that these green monsters named (Dow-Tay) come from 20 centuries ago the heavens send a meter to go to ho mountain to release the tow chi that comes every 60 years to remind them what happens when greed is unchecked.

  Junior Abigail Laguna said, “The graphics of the monsters and all the special effects are just mindblowing.”  

  Personally, I’m not really a monster movie fan but when it comes to The Great Wall this movie just had me on my toes not knowing how whether the two men and the soldiers were going to survive or be killed.

  Sophomore Sonia Esparza said, “When you see the monsters on the screen, you know that they are not to be messed with. I believe that the people who created this did such a great job  that it which makes it worth spending your money on.”

The director Yimou Zhang did such a glorious job on creating characters that are fierce worriers that were basically bred to serve their country until death took their lives.

the great wall- edith

Sword Art Online: The World of Swords

By; Daniel Gibson

  Imagine yourself or someone you love obtaining a copy of a recent VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), only to be trapped inside the game for two years with no escape. If he or she dies in-game, they die in real life.

  The anime series Sword Art Online, produced by A-1 Pictures, provides that kind of story.

  Sword Art Online was created by Reki Kawahara and the first volume of the manga (Japanese-style comic book) series was released on April 10, 2009.

  Sword Art Online is the story of an ordinary teenager named Kazuto Kirigaya, a beta-tester or “beater” as some people in the series call him, who gets his hand on one of ten-thousand copies of a newly released game called Sword Art Online (SAO), a VRMMORPG that for an unknown reason, doesn’t have any form of magic. And it is one of my favorite anime series for this reason.

  After exploring the Town of Beginnings and helping a player named Klein, who is new to the game and is Kazuto’s first friend within the series, Kazuto and every other person playing SAO is teleported to the central courtyard in town where they find out that lead developer, Akihiko Kayaba, created the game in order to play the role of God in his own virtual paradise.

  When this information is released to the players, the logout button is disabled, trapping everyone in the virtual world and their only escape is either by clearing the game’s 100 floors or death.

 With this grim news, Kazuto dons the nickname Kirito and sets out to kill Kayaba and clear Aincrad’s 100 floors with his own two swords, the Elucidator and the Dark Repulser.

  Sword Art Online gets a very solid eight in my book. The story is pretty well written, the characters interact with each other in realistic ways, and the world of Aincrad sounds like a very interesting place to me. A floating iron castle in the sky filled with labyrinths, treasure, and monsters to give it a fantasy/medieval setting.

  The only small critique I have with the series is the pacing of some of the floors. They skip around five floors or so every couple of episodes but the writing tells you what happened in between the episodes.

  My favorite point in the story is when Asuna Yuuki, Kazuto’s battle partner and later love interest, is introduced. This is my favorite part is because it establishes the female lead character as more of a strong female lead rather than a damsel in distress and the novel series Sword Art Online: Progressive tells the events of the SAO incident but from Asuna’s point of view.

  However, overall, Sword Art Online is still one of my favorite anime series and I would immediately recommend it to anyone who is trying to get into anime or someone who watches anime and is in need of something to watch that is filled with gaming, fantasy and romance.


Photo courtesy of the Sword Art Online wiki

The main characters, Kirito (left) and Asuna (right) in combat ready stances, and displaying their personalities by how they hold their weapon of choice


Great Food, Great Service.

By; Amanda Gang

       Far from being your typical all-American barbeque restaurant, Mikes BBQ comes in with a BANG! From the moment I stepped into the restaurant, I was indulged by the heavenly smell of smoked barbeque. For all you meat lovers, this is the perfect place to treat yourself to some well-cooked barbeque, and not to mention the seating is quite comfortable.

       I was quite satisfied with the tastiness of this comforting food considering it was my first time eating there and I had no idea what to expect.

       After a few minutes of carefully going over the menu (at least 2 times) I finally decided on ordering the pulled pork sandwich for $10.99 with a side of coleslaw. For dessert, I ordered the Homemade Brownie for only $2.99. It only costs $1.50 extra to turn your brownie into an al la mode with a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream. To my satisfactory, it was definitely worth the wait.

      The pork tasted really delicious and savory. The pork was perfectly cooked and the sauce tasted AMAZING with the sandwich…It added just a right amount of POW! The coleslaw was creamy and very satisfying and is definitely a good side. Last but not least, the brownie was so GOOD. It was warm and had just the right amount of chocolate, perfect to cure that sweet tooth.

      The service was good and I did not have to wait as long as I expected which was a big plus.    

      The waitress was very nice, accurate and very attentive. She checked up on me more than enough times and in my opinion, I appreciated it very much.

      Not only does Mike’s BBQ have pulled pork sandwiches but they have pork and beef ribs and an endless amount of sides that might I add sound amazing.

     They also offer wood grilled burgers, Mesquite grilled steak, pizza, 5 different kinds of salad and even CHICKEN. They even have a variety of different desserts and for great prices as well. And who doesn’t love food for great prices? Everyone.

      And for the little one’s who aren’t that hungry they offer a  variety of different food for the ‘Little Mike’s’ kids menu.

      Along with a full menu, there is also a full sports lounge which is also a full bar as well. It’s packed with 30 plus 13 feet flat screen TV’s( Yes 30, 13 feet flat screen TV’s) and they even offer a banquet room that can be reserved seating up to 50 guests (which can be perfect for any special occasion).

      I will definitely be returning to Mike’s BBQ when I’m in the mood for some savory smoked pork and mouth watering beef ribs.