Reality of High School

By; Noemi Vasquez

“High school musical” told me we would be singing random duets during passing period. “Mean girls” showed me that mean girls will rule the school. “The Duff” told me that the popular jock would fall in love with the unpopular girl. “Easy A”  told me that everybody will know and be involved in anything that happens to you.

And life taught me that none of that is true.

Movies and shows have given this illusion that high school is a place where people know everything about one another, parties happen every week, romance is a big part of your life and that you’re going to get beat up by bullies if you stand out from what society sees as “normal”.

“I thought it would be like High school musical..sad face,” said Senior Yzabel Velasquez.

   High school does not break out in dance numbers randomly, nor do we constantly party,  at least from my experience.

When in reality high school is boring, stressful, challenging, fast paced and overwhelming. We all are too busy worrying about our own issues, we’re oblivious to others.

For example, in the movie Easy A everybody knew about Olive’s life. When in reality, nobody cared.

“Nobody will actually care about your life. Everyone’s just concerned about their own problems,” said senior Dionicio Miguel.

The school isn’t ruled by the “popular kids” either.  

Like in the movie Mean Girls, where ‘The Plastics’ rule the school. In reality, there are no mean girls that terrorize the entire student body.

I think pre-teens need to be given a more accurate picture of what to expect in high school. Like having high school seniors mentor and talk to 8th graders.

Personally, I was disappointed with high school.  It was not at all how I pictured it to be.

The movie industry sure didn’t help either. Hyping up high school gives kids expectations that high school will not be able to meet.

“High school isn’t like in movies or even books. The most exciting thing that has happened to me the past four years was when I got a free taco at Taco Bell,” said Senior Verenice Garcia.


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