Technology itself is important, but can have negative impacts

  By;Kirsten Soto

   Technology is used in our every-day life, whether it’s at school, work, or even when you’re just relaxing at home. However, with the amount of information being accessible to anyone, nowadays can have a negative impact on people.

  Sophomore Megan Maloney said, “I feel like our generation has been born into the influence of technology, but I think it’s important for research and medical purposes. I think it has gotten a little crazy with social media and it could be bad if you put it on top of your priority list.”

  Social media can be a problem if people use it too much and it becomes an addiction. Technology can distract us from the people around us and create less interaction between others as it shapes our culture and society. The more we use technology, the more we become addicted.

  English nine teacher, Ali Aardappel, agrees when she said “We can get answers to questions we have much more quickly, but I think it’s also caused us to be less social and talk less in real life conversations.”

  Technology is an effective way to do research, however using technology can become a distraction and causes a loss of interaction between people.

  According to the Pew Research Center, “Nearly three-quarters of teens have or have access to a smartphone and 30% have a basic phone, while just 12% of teens 13 to 17 say they have no cell phone of any type.”

  Because more of us have a phone or use some sort of technology everyday, we are more likely to look up information that may be inappropriate and can be seen as offensive.

  Since a lot of video games involve violence, that gives a negative influence on children because they could see it as acceptable and that it’s okay to use it, but it’s not. Video games can allow people to develop an aggressive behavior which can lead to a social norm.

   According to Benedict Carey of the New York Times, “Playing the games can and does stir hostile urges and mildly aggressive behavior in the short term.” Later he said that “such a habit increases the likelihood that a person will commit a violent crime, like murder, rape, or assault”.

  We should not let these video games manipulate people into thinking that violence is a good thing, especially the younger generation. This will lead to an aggressive and unbalanced society.

  According to the The Pew Research Center, “Roughly two thirds (67%) of social media users say that staying in touch with current friends and family members is a major reason they use social media sites.”

  Social media is a way to stay connected with friends, but there is less communication face to face which will lead to a downfall in our society if this continues. Since the younger generation is growing up with technology, many children are losing an interest in reading as well.

  Technology is important for research and for making life more convenient, but how much we use it needs to change.

  As the years go by, more people will experience a distraction from their priorities and this is a result of technology becoming an addiction. We need to reevaluate how we use technology, so that there won’t be a shift in civilization and order. Being less social is a result, but becoming manipulated is a possibility.

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Be fearless when it comes to life

By; Amanda Gang

   It’s not the fear of death that makes me unsure of my future… It’s the fear of time.

Every day people waste time on stuff that won’t matter tomorrow or even in a few seconds. Live your life to the fullest because we never truly know if there will be a tomorrow.

    “When I go out I see groups of teenagers, but I’ve noticed they pay more attention to their phones not each other,” dance and drama teacher Angela Arnett said.

         There is so much beauty in this world that is yet to be discovered and instead of  waiting for an acquaintance to update you on how their love life is going, live your own  life. Take risks, be adventurous once in awhile. Life is way too short to waste your time staring at your devices and being on the internet every second of the day.

         We are all here for a purpose and to find that purpose you have to find out who you are.  In order to do that, you have to actually live your life without boundaries not live your life through a screen.

       “I try making the best out of everyday because I want to be able to say I lived my life as much as I could,” 9th grader Karin Marin said.

     According to Hayley Tsukayama, a reporter for the Washington Post, most teens spend up to nine hours a day on their phones, even when hanging with friends. One on one human connection is slowly fading away and that means the memories are as well.

      Time often flies by without anybody noticing and it’s for that reason that living one’s life to the fullest is important. Instead of binge watching old episodes of “Friends” on Netflix, go out and actually be with your friends and enjoy it.

          “It’s scary to know that everyday I’m getting older and I haven’t even done half the things I’ve dreamt of doing because most of the time I end up  just be on my phone,”9th grader Anahi Mendez said.

     Mahatma Ghandi once said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

      I know that I’ll eventually need to figure out what want to do with my life, but right now enjoying it seems like a good option, so I am deciding to put down the phone and use the internet a lot less than the average teen because I want to live my life to the fullest, as should you.

     No one can truly know what the future holds.

     Until then, everyone should live every moment as if it were their last second alive without checking social media accounts every second  because in the end we will all regret the chance we didn’t take.

    Teen at the beach A girl enjoying the beautiful view of the beach instead of wasting her life away staring at her phone screen.



Californians forced to adapt to changing weather

By Damiyon Ware 

The change of seasons has students constantly battling against the weather, and in order to remain safe, I believe students should really take into consideration their actions during the bipolar weather.

  It is uncomfortable to be on the road whether it be walking or driving while in the rain for someone like me. The constant feeling of someone not paying attention to you or the road can make my mind wonder about a car accident, or being run over.

  “When I’m driving in the rain, I’m more concerned for other people and their driving. I’m a safe driver, but not so much other people,” said math teacher Rebecca Nelson.

  For teachers such as Nelson who must drive from Oceanside to Escondido High School five days a week, the rain can cause safety hazards.

  According to the California Highway Patrol the best option for rainy weather drivers is to slow down and allow extra space between you and the car ahead of you. Also it is important to gently apply your brakes to avoid skidding.

  Now everyone loves a nice sunny day, but the sun can be just as dangerous as the rain. The strong heat and winds crack my skin and make my lips dry while also dehydrating me; the school nurse explains why.  

  “It’s important to drink lots of fluid, and increase the amount of your regular water intake. It’s also important to protect your skin by moisturizing because the Santa Ana winds dry out your skin,” said EHS substitute nurse Ms. Leilani.

  The Santa Ana winds are extremely strong and dry and they originate inland and affect coastal Southern California and Baja California. It is extremely important to remain hydrated during this dry season to prevent heat strokes, blisters and many more uncomfortable irritations. It is also important to wear protective gear such as sunglasses to protect from the strong winds that could possibly blow objects into your eyes, for I myself have had many leaves and dust particles fly into my eyes when I walk to school.

    Mornings are also a problem for me. In the morning it can be very cold having temperature in the 60s but by noon temperature sky rockets into the mid 80s. This sudden rise affects many people.

   “It’s too much. I wake up in the morning and wear a sweater and pants because it’s cold, but later it starts to get hot and I’m stuck in a sweater,” said Senior Michelle Mazariegos.

The best solution for students going through this problem is to check the weather and see how warm the day is supposed to be. Depending on the weather you can bring a sweater while wearing clothes for the warmer weather underneath or bring extra clothes to change into.

Heading into the fall season change reveals a rainy beginning but ends  in sunshine in the low 80’s




Feminism still lacks equality for women

By Anna Chanthaphavong

feminist comic.jpg

“Women of color aren’t being treated equal!” a black woman says.

“Don’t you mean all women aren’t being treated equal?” says a white woman.

Yes, all women do experience inequality, but some women don’t experience the same obstacles others have to go through to reach equality.

Feminism is the belief that all women should be treated equally and have the same rights as men politically, socially and economically. White feminism `revolves around the ideas and struggles of white women. Not all white women are apart of white feminism, but usually it consist of white feminist. It’s not that white feminism is trying to put whites above all, it’s just some white women (not all though) often don’t’ realize that not all women are equal currently and most of them have to go through more obstacles than others.

“As a white women it’s impossible for me to comment how women of color perceive the ‘feminist movement,” said Patricia Stepanek. “I don’t know what they’re experiences are but I do know that women of color have a greater pay gap than white women.”

A prime example is the feud between Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj in 2015. Nicki Minaj tweeted that the reason why her music wasn’t nominated for best video for the VMAS was because she was black and soon spoke about racism in the music industry. According to HollywoodLife, Miley Cyrus called out Minaj and said she was pathetic for bring race into the issue and that she shouldn’t have brought racism into the issue. Minaj soon called her out saying that Cyrus didn’t have a right to speak about the issue of black people since she’s white.

“Nicki was just trying bringing awareness about the inequality black people experience and Miley tried to silence her despite the fact she didn’t understand her situation,” said Junior Daniel Reyes.

Another example  is the belief that hijab, a head covering worn in public by some Muslim women, is a symbol of oppression and white feminist would try to ‘save’ Muslim women.  According to Hanna Yusuf, writer for “Everyday Feminism’, people believe hijabs oppresses muslim women because men force them to wear it, which forces them to cover their body and have no control of it. Yes, there are some women who are forced to wear it somewhere in the world, but many women who wear hijabs often get a choice on whether or not they want to wear it, and those who do choose to wear it, it’s because they feel empowered and to take pride in their culture. If women have the right to wear clothes that reveal their body they should have the right  to wear clothes that cover their body.

“By covering up we reject the message that women must be sexy but not slutty, thick thin but still curving, youthful but all natural,” said Yusuf, in her video “My hijab is nothing to do with oppression. It’s a feminist statement.”

There isn’t much to do to stop white feminism besides just being open minded and not trying to silence women of color for speaking up and not try to speak for them. People need the realization that everyone is at a different level when it comes to equality and have had different experiences. Yes, everyone deserves equality, but sometimes people with different, gender, races and sexualities need more awareness on their issues so others can help them achieve the same level of equality as everyone. But overall, just to achieve equality for everyone, people just need to be respectful to everyone and not put anyone above anyone.  

“If we treated everyone we meet with care and respect as an individual there would be no need for words like ‘feminism’ or ‘equal’ rights for LGBTQ+ people or people of color or any other group you want to single out,” said Stepanek.

Valedictorian… The Negatives

By Kassidy Martin

graduation cap 1

  Valedictorian… known as the highest honor a student can receive, but lately schools around the US are working to make the position more equal for all students.

  According to Principal Rich Watkins, the students at EHS have always welcomed the announced valedictorian with great enthusiasm.

  The student chosen for this honor not only has to stand on stage in front of their entire graduating class but must also write a speech to present. Writing the speech can take weeks, and finding the right words is just as stressing as presenting the speech to hundreds of students and parents. This on top of maintaining grades during end of the year finals is just too much stress on teens.

  Suzanne Shaffer, a parent and student college counselor in an article on said, “Most students complain of lack of sleep, stressful school days, and even depression related to any slip in their grades.”

  Within the last decade equality has been the main focus of society, and while we have gotten closer to getting there; we are far from becoming equal. We continue to single out those who are “better” than others and make a bid deal about their successfulness. In schools we chose the best student and name them valedictorian, and then parade them in front of other students who have worked just as hard to be academically successful. Well what about everyone else’s school achievements?

  “It is so ingrained in our culture to celebrate number one, but are they really number ones?” commented Esther Barcoma, an EHS counselor. Who decides who is better than another? School isn’t a race, so why do we need to award a number one?

  While making way for equality some schools decided to change the position to award more than one academically successful student. This has come to be known as a Valedictorian circle, usually the circle awards the top ten students and name them valedictorians.

  “Using a valedictorian circle shows that we have more than one capable person at our school,” stated Barcoma.

  According to an article written by Moriah Balingit for The Washington Post last year Arlington’s Washington-Lee High School had 117 valedictorians’, Long Beach Polytechnic in California had 30, and some schools decided not to choose any. The reason for choosing so many is because schools are starting to realize that they can’t talk about all students being equal when they make a single student number one.

“The world is not equal, and people need to learn that. Everyone has an equal opportunity to get valedictorian.” said Senior Tristan Cook.

 While choosing 30 Valedictorians may be taking equal a little too far schools are still working to find ways to turn old fashioned traditions into something that fits into the modern world of equality, technology, and freedom.