2016 Albums that influence people

By Analina Valenzuela 

The music of 2016 has influenced Music teacher Phil Felix, Senior Ana Velasco, and Junior Salma De La Torre and has been enjoyable for them as well.

  “Music is an expression of how people feel and see the world,” Phil Felix said.

  Music teacher, Phil Felix, has been a teacher at EHS for five years. The reason he went into music was because he saw kids playing instruments in junior high and it looked like fun and wanted to give it a try, according to Felix.

  Felix’s favorite album of 2016 is “22, A Million” by Bon Iver.

  Felix likes the album because Bon Iver is, “a group that doesn’t do the same thing.”

  Felix means that with each of their albums they’ve changed their sound and they don’t always keep it the same.

  “Music is always changing. That’s what makes it interesting…As a musician, you don’t just pay attention to music this year but enjoy music from past years,” Felix said.

  Senior Ana Velasco is a musician outside of school. She has been playing the accordion since 2010. The 2016 album that has influenced her is “Desde El Rancho” by Calibre 50. This album has influenced her because it has challenged her to play their songs and motivate her to do better.

  “There’s a variety of songs that talk about Mexico, friends who stay with you through hard times, and the beauty of love,” Velasco said.

  Music is really important for Velasco because it has been a part of her family and it’s a great achievement for her to play her own music, according to Velasco.

  Junior Salma De La Torre is a dancer on the EHS dance team. De La Torre’s favorite 2016 album is “Blond” by Frank Ocean because he hasn’t dropped music in a while and it was a good comeback, according to De La Torre.

  “The album in general has a relaxed vibe to it and it influences my dancing by doing movements that express the meaning of the songs. It helps me express the vibe that he delivers to his fans,” De La Torre said.

  Music influences her in dancing because the flow of the music helps her be careless. With dancing, music is important to her because it gives her inspiration for her dance and the point of view of the singer, according to De La Torre.

Senior Ana Velasco playing songs from her favorite album, “Desde El Rancho,”  on her accordion around her neighborhood on Nov. 1. She smiles to people passing by cheering her on her amazing skills.



Summer movies are making a splash

By Jazmin Olea


Summer is the time for beaches, tanning, swimming and to be far away from school. Those are a few glorious things about summer, but some people also look forward to seeing new movies with a couple of friends.

  Junior Isabelle Perez has been looking forward to one of most highly anticipated anti heroes movies of the summer, “Suicide Squad” that has a string of great actors who get to bring alive comic book villains to the big screen and to tell a story on how they can save their city. Perez is also very excited to see the new interpretation of in infamous enduring psychotic killer The Joker, Batman’s arch nemesis.

  “I’m excited the see Jared Leto because I want to see how he is going to portray The Joker because he has a lot to live up to but I think he will do well,” said Junior Isabelle Perez.

  The late Heath Ledger had played the infamous Joker had gotten recognition for that character and he even won an oscar for the film portraying the psychotic villain and was widely loved by the audience even the academy.

 According to Perez, she is immensely excited to see this action film and it would be interesting to see villains perspectives on trying to be a hero. This movie will come out on August

Another film people are looking forward to is not in the same sense of action but actually terrifying that can result in having trouble sleeping. A new horror film is coming on June 10 this summer called “The Conjuring 2” which can and can’t be a date night movie to see.

Junior Damon Goldstein said, “People should give it a chance because it is an underrated scary film.”

  Goldstein did enjoy watching “The Conjuring” which is the first film, even though he does prefer mystery and action movies he is looking forward to see this movie. According to Goldstein, he says that the first movie had a good plot and it seems like it has a lot to offer to the audience.

  Another person who enjoys watching scary movies is Ron Duke, he is excited to see “The Conjuring 2” as well. According to Duke, the first one was entertaining and not as overly predictable. Duke said that the trailer was really good and he enjoys watching scary movies because he likes watching his wife being frightened.

  The “Conjuring 2” seems to intrigue people with the sleep paralysis, supernatural, and the haunting of a family.  The movie seems to be intriguing people into watching a horror film for the summer rather than an animation or lovey dovey movie.

Going to the movies is a great way to spend the hot summer day in an air conditioned room away from the hot scorching sun and enjoy a movie. Movies that are coming out this summer that are not mentioned are “Finding Dory”, “The Legend of Tarzan”, “Ghostbusters”, “Captain America: Civil War”, and “Neighbors 2”. So this summer pay attention to the trailers that are being released there is something there for everyone to be looking forward to.


EHS cruises over to Cruisin’ Grand

By Charlie Rice


Colorful vintage cars are parked in front of small shops. It is a busy night and the sun is going down slowly. People of all ages listen to the beat of a popular 50s tune. It may be 2016, but this street feels like 1955.

Every Friday 5p.m.-9p.m. on Grand Avenue, hundreds of people attend the community’s famous event, Cruisin’ Grand, and create lasting memories.

Freshman Angela Tornel is a long time fan of Cruisin’ Grand.

“I’ve known Grand for about 5 years. My best friend told me about it,” Tornel said.  

Cruisin’ Grand is more than just cars and costumes. For example, the Cruisin’ Grand Escondido website says the event has family-friendly features like hula hoops and name that tune contests.

Freshman Paola Escalante says that her favorite thing about going to Cruisin’ Grand is the live music playing on Juniper Street.

     “The first time I went was when I was about 8. I go pretty often with friends,” Escalante said.

The event runs April to September  on Grand Avenue, all the way from Escondido Boulevard to Ivy Street. While it is on, some shops, restaurants, and cafes will stay open late to attract more customers.

“I’ve gone to Cruisin’ Grand my whole life because of the restaurant my family owned. I have some food sales there too,” said Junior Austin Champion.

But the heart of Cruisin’ Grand is the cars and community.

“I love looking at the old cars and 50’s theme. I knew a few family members that used to bring cars to the show,” Champion said.


Project X in real life

By Noemi Vazquez


“Dude that movie was epic,” said the boy as he exited the movie theatre.  

“Yeah the way  he stopped the car with his body,” responded his friend.

“I could do that,”

“Then do it,” dared his friend.

Teens watching movies that glorify dangerous activities may influence them to imitate them. “Project X” follows three seniors who throw a party when their parents are away which leads to the SWAT arriving. The movie inspired teens all over the world to have their own Project X parties in real life.

In the Netherlands, a sweet 16 party resulted in a riot of 3,000 people, according to the NY Daily news. Party goers broke windows, robbed nearby shops and set cars on fire. The small town of Haren was left trashed.

“’Project X’ parties are very popular in The Netherlands because of the film,”
witness Jeffrey Neijenhuis told the Daily News.

Closer to home, about two months after the movie’s release, teens started raiding mansions for parties in the North County. 10news reported, that in the month of April, in 2012, they had busted three huge parties in vacant houses.

There are so many other copy cat parties that were thrown across the US and in Europe. All of them results from the movie. This sequel is coming out at the end of this upcoming summer on Aug 19, 2016. Will it have the same catastrophic results?

After hearing about all these copy cat parties, Warner Bros, the studio that put the movie out, released a statement in response to all the parties:

“These incidents are deplorable and it goes without saying that “Project X” is a fictional movie and that Warner Bros. does not condone–and strongly discourages-anyone from attempting to imitate conduct portrayed by actors in a controlled environment during the filming of a motion picture.”

However, movies that promote violence, drinking, and parties can influence people’s actions. When deciding whether movies are suitable for teens or just adults, more thought should be given about what the rating should be.   Also, people need to remember that movies were produced safely on a set; audience members are not stunt men. People need to realize that recreating scenes or stunts from a movie can cost someone’s well being. Think before you act.


What do you mean summer is almost here?!

By Amber Libby

Ambers photo.JPG

The winds still and warm, the blasting sun beaming down on every beach-goer, the bright colors surrounding every area of the Earth.

Grab your sunscreen and your favorite bathing suit because summer preparation has come to California.

It’s the time of the year for ice cream to drip down its cone, wearing all the summer apparel coming out in the stores, and wishing for either the air conditioning or to go to the beach or the pool, but basically every student likes saying the words, ‘No school’.

Freshman Makan Farahani likes summer break because of no school and having little to no stress to have fun with friends. Over the break Farahani usually goes on vacations to Las Vegas, DisneyLand and sometimes camp.

“Anything is better than school,” said Farahani.

Summer is most people’s favorite break over the school year, for Farahani he likes summer break because “Why not? It’s a break off of school and a time to destress from all the work”.  

Summer preparation doesn’t start with Farahani only because he believes, “Summer is a thing you don’t prepare for, it just happens there is no avoiding it”.

On the other side, Spanish teacher Laura Heinitz thinks that cleaning out her classroom is daunting, but in the end it’s a sigh of relief. Summer to Heinitz means that she can rejuvenate after the school year, to spend time with family and adventure, to be happy with the summer environment, and to ‘chillax’.

“Summer break is definitely my favorite,” said Heinitz. Heinitz feels that “In the beginning of the year I feel a little ‘rusty’, but I like to ‘brush up’ on my Spanish by listening to Spanish music during the summer”.

To freshman Ruby Hoang, summer has a positive impact on students because they have no work, no stress other than what you’re going to do that day, no homework with ‘annoying’ teachers, and having to deal with ‘haters’. Some students would say that once they come back from summer break they forgot most of the information they have learned, to some teachers think that reading books and trying to remember material like mathematics or any harder subject would help.

“Yeah, I think I will forget stuff, I don’t even know what happened last week” said Hoang. For Hoang, summer is a time to relax and avoid any kind of school work. Unlike most people’s family vacations during the summer, Hoang doesn’t usually go on vacations, she enjoys the pleasure of sleeping in.

Hoang said, “Summer is that one part in the year that I feel free, with nothing to stress over, and nothing to ‘scream’ about. Summer happens, their is no real way of how to stop it, so enjoy it.”

Top Ten Summer Places To Visit in Escondido


Abigail Barrientos


As summer approaches some may argue that amusement parks are the best way to spend summer, while others may disagree.

On Monday June 20, the season of summer begins. From beaches to malls to amusement parks the possibilities of finding fun this summer are endless.

According to math teacher Laura Bowersox she feels that it is not where you travel to but how. Bowersox’s favorite part about traveling is “looking at different cultures”.  She said, “I like to be with the locals to see what makes them happy.”

While some look to traveling out of state others enjoy staying local.

Freshman Karen Gonzalez said, “People should go to the beach over the summer to get a tan, plus the beach is relaxing.”

Escondido is filled with places to satisfy your boredom. For those interested in outdoor adventures look into taking a hike on one of Daily Ranches many trails. Or take friends paddle boarding at Dixon Lake. Another way to spend your summer outdoors is if you are interested in venturing out try California’s many beaches such as: Oceanside, Moonlight, La Jolla or even Carlsbad. (see page 8).

Make memories at San Diego Safari Park with friends, check the new butterfly exhibit “The Butterfly Jungle”. From experience the exhibit really allowed you to get close and walk into a butterfly’s habitat. Close by is the Westfield Mall where you can find tons of your favorite clothing stores to shop. Not only can you look forward to shopping at the mall, but now challenge your friends to a game of bowling at the Tavern Bowl at the Westfield Mall. I’d recommend catching a bite at Red Robin with friends and enjoy the fun atmosphere.

While staying local catch a movie at our theatre, Regal Escondido Stadium 16 & IMAX. Find more on the summer movie buzz on (see page 10). Plus, around the theatre you can find a Cold Stone, Starbucks and Juice it up to hangout while you wait for your movie. If you find yourself free Friday evening head down to Crusin Grand from  5-9pm for a blast into the past, where you’ll find cool cars and local shops(see page 9).

Still indecisive of where to hang out over the break? Summer is the time to try new things, San Marcos’ Sky Zone is one of many new trampoline parks to check out. Roller World found in Vista is a great place to take a spin on the rink. Rollerblading not your style? Iceoplex has public sessions throughout the summer. Check out iceoplexescondido.com for more information. With all these local attractions there’s no need for long car rides to find fun this summer. Make this summer a time to get involved in your community and find fun in Escondido.