2017’s Track and Field team gears up for the spring season

By;Miranda Gonsales

 Get your running shoes and water bottles because Escondido High School’s 2017’s Track and Field season started on Feb. 22.

  Track and Field is a tough, very physical sport but the work is worth it.

   Sophomore Emma Church, who was on 2016’s Track and Field team, said, “… it pays off in so many ways, your whole team are your friends… Everybody gets along really well and works together.”

  People who join Track and Field get along well and have a good time together. According to Church, it strengthens one’s body and mentality, helps students make new friends, challenge’s oneself and it is a good outlet for any stress one may have.

  Track and Field offers many different areas for students to participate in, such as: shot put, discus, jumping, long jump, triple jump, high jump, pole vault, distance running, sprints and hurdles.

  Coach Randall Boozer has been the head coach of Track and Field for 22 years and loves to see his team improve as the season progresses.

“Kids like coming out and having a good time…you get to learn life long fitness,” Boozer said.

  Joining a sport team is an excellent way to be healthy and Track and Field is very physical, but for those who want to stay in or get in shape should consider joining Track and Field.

  “Track and Field is one of the few sports that doesn’t have ‘tryouts’. Everyone makes it,” Boozer said.

  No experience is required to be on the team. To be on the team all students have to do is ‘try out’, show up to practice and work hard.

  Junior Osvaldo Araujo has been in Track and Field since he was a freshmen and said, “Other students should join because running could change their lives by challenging themselves, it makes them stronger physically and mentally.”

(Photo by Emma Church) Escondido High School’s 2016’s Track and Field team sets up hurdles and warms up for their meet.




Wrestling Recap

By;Nick Anaya

   Sophomore Karson Frank who is on the junior varsity wrestling team, has some experience on the varsity team and plans to stay on varsity for his last two seasons at Escondido High.

  “At the beginning I just wanted to try, but later I liked the sport and the challenge of it,” said Frank.

  Last year Frank wanted to try wrestling for his freshman year and see how it would go, but later he found that he liked the sport and loved the challenge of it too.

  Frank’s plan for the next season is to work as hard as he can and do better for the coaches. This season he didn’t place in a tournament for junior varsity, even when he tried his best, but on the varsity team he won two matches and only lost one.

  Frank believes that Senior Kenny Morris, is the best player on the team because of his hard work and dedication for the sport on the mat.

  Morris has been on varsity now for his third season and every year gets better and better for him.

  “The varsity team has been really good, we got second place in league and we hope to win CIF this year,” said Morris.

  Making duals and tournaments in varsity consistently is Frank’s goal for next season and according to Morris, all you have to do is have more experience and you will get better.

  Both teammates say that wrestling challenges and pushes them to get better. Frank says that the practices are really difficult which makes it easier and more fun for the duals.

  Morris believes that Senior Greg Sandoval is the best player on the team because of all of his hard work with winning two tournaments and not losing in any dual matches this season.

  Sandoval does wrestling because of his passion for the game and it’s a way to get his aggression out.

  Sandoval agrees with Morris in Sandoval being the best player because he is ranked fifth in the San Diego section. Sandoval believes that he can win CIF without a doubt and hopes to win state as well.

  Next year he plans to help coach around with the underclassmen and also help with the dual matches in the future.

  Overall everybody says that it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, but how big your heart is, how willing you are to push yourself to your greatest potential, and your dedication to the sport.

  “Wrestling isn’t about anything other than your mental and physical strength, you have to be committed and live a healthy life,” said Sandoval.

The cougar wrestling team watches and waits for their teammate to win his duel against a San Pasqual player.



How can students prepare for sports?

By Emily Vite

image1 (3).JPG

Coach Nellie

“The important thing is to get your physical early. Besides that you need to practice off season, get tennis equipments like tennis balls, tennis rackets, and court shoes (the one with no soles), and wear appropriate clothing. Also have sunblock and drink lots of water.”


Junior Dionicio Miguel

“They should run before the workouts because they are challenging and be prepared to give their 100 percent absolute because that is what we are about.”


Freshman Leila Carranza

“There are many ways people can get ready for basketball season. The way I get ready is by playing off season and working as hard as I can.”

michelle 1.jpg

Senior Michelle Sanchez

“I get ready for swim by swimming in my own pool and practicing what we have learn in the past season.”


Senior Joselynn Ruiz

“Students can prepare for field hockey by attending the summer practices. It will help them get in shape for tryouts and the experience will help them have some sort of advantage to know what to do during try outs.”



Track and Field athletes strive to outRUN personal records

By Natalie Ngim


The Escondido High School track and field teams warm up while also wishing each other good luck on a meet.


 The scorching Spring sun beats down on track and fielders, stop-watches go off, and the limbs of exhausted athletes give in.

  Escondido High School track and field athletes go through excessive sweat and sore muscles in order to build on their strength and improve their performance.

  If someone were to ask a track and fielder what their goal is for the season, the answer would most likely be, “To beat my PR”. PR stands for “personal record”, which is a record of an athlete’s best performance. Even though the times and distances may appear good to some, runners, jumpers,  throwers, and pole-vaulters alike are always leaving room to improve.

  “Learning a new technique is always hard,” said Senior thrower Ahtziri Olivares. “At first I didn’t get it, but then I beat my own personal record at a meet.”

  Olivares is a thrower for discus and shot put. Her goals are to beat her new personal record and to make it to CIF for discus.

  “Last year one of our girls went for discus,” said Olivares. “And I want to make it to CIF like her this year.”

  Making it to CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) is no easy task for any high school athlete. The key to good training is staying healthy and engaging in brutal, yet beneficial workouts. Runners and jumpers focus on strengthening their legs and endurance, throwers focus on their arm strength, and pole-vaulters focus on their upper body strength.

   “What’s challenging is the workouts because they hurt and it’s hard to finish them,” said Sophomore varsity middle-distance runner, Alex Flores. “But it feels good after you do.”

   Another challenge track and field faces this season is injuries. Injuries take a physical and emotional toll on athletes because getting hurt means they are not able to compete.

 ¨I broke my ankle and was out for eight months my freshman and sophomore year,” said Senior Varsity mile runner, Shea Vavra.

  Long distance coach Jerid Meek says that many injuries occurred this season; however, the athletes that are still competing are doing well. He says EHS track and field has won most of their meets and attends invitationals in which they also do pretty good in.

  ¨There is so much support [at the invitationals],” said Meek. ¨The stands are filled… biggest in the county.¨

 Meek’s goal is for track and field as a whole is to improve and win as often as they can with honor. Although everybody is doing good, he still wants all athletes to better themselves so they can achieve their aspirations to end the season strong. The best way to enhance one’s performance is train and workout inside and outside of practice, eating healthy, and of course, setting improvement goals like beating one’s PR.



Sports impact students’ lives

By Emily Vite, Jazmin Olea, Jacky Osorio_DSC0677.JPG Escondido High school won their game against Del Norte High school.

 “Are you going to tutorial today?” someone asked.

  “No, I have a game and I have to get home and do homework,” someone answered.

   Being in a sport can teach students how to be responsible, how to lead, and how to live a  healthier life. Sports can also have a negative impact in students life their grades might drop and injuries might happen.

      To be able play in a sport students need to maintain a GPA of 2.0; if students do not have the GPA they are required to have, they will be put in a contract for six weeks in able for them to get their grades up.   The hours that students spend at practice to getting home to do homework– it really does add up to students’ life. Many may think that their grades might drop from A’s to D’ or F’s but not exactly since students believe that sports encourage them to do better in school since they are required to have a certain GPA.

  “Being part of field hockey taught me how to be responsible.  My grades did drop though, but I had to keep them up because I had to have a GPA of 2.0 to be able to play,” Senior Joselynn Ruiz said.

   There are many reasons why students join sports: they want to meet new people, maybe they have never played a sport before and they want to try something new. There a lot of sports students can choose from whichever makes them feel comfortable.

   Senior Ricardo Guerrero said, “I joined football my sophomore year because I wanted to experience something new and meet new friends.”

   Not only do sports teach students how to be responsible, but it helps them to have a healthier life. Sports help students take out their anger or  it can be a part of their life.

  Junior Natanael Garcia said, “I started playing soccer because it’s not just a sport to me. Whenever I am mad or just stressing out on something I go out and play soccer and when I come back home I feel better. You can say soccer is a big part of my life.”

   Even though there are many positives sides of how sports impact students’ lives positively, sports can  also impact students’ lives negatively.

   Many high school students have injuries while being in a sport. According to American Academy of Orthopaedic surgeons, the most common sports injuries in high school are concussion, acute injuries, overuse injuries like stress fracture.

  There are many benefits to joining a sport. According to Livestrong.com kids who are active in school sports are fitter, and more confident.

   Participation in sports give students the experience to belong and be part of a team. They interact with teammates and they get to learn more of their teammates and get to help each other.

  Freshmen Leila Carranza said, “Being part of the basketball team helped me when I was stressed with school work or just with family problems. Since I joined sports I have learned how important is to be healthy.”


Sports survey (jacky).jpg

Pic Poll:

How have sports been beneficial to you?


Senior Joselynn Ruiz “Sports are beneficial to me because it has taught me to push myself harder than I thought I could. Also because I met new friends who have taught me the true meaning of a team.”


Junior Dionicio Miguel, “It made me realize how precious life is and every decision you make has an outcome that can affect your life.”


Sophomore, Dylan Hageman “It keeps me healthy and it helps me make new friends.”


Freshman Leila Carranza,”Sports have helped me manage my time and I’ve learned how to get along with others.

DSCN1119 (1).JPG

Junior Joselle Serrano, “I have made new friends. It keeps me healthy and it makes me happy.”


Senior Andrew Marrone, “It kept me in shape through high school.”

Varsity soccer strikes for CIF


Senior Nicole Alvarado does a supper kick to score a goal.

By Ellie Carrillo and Derry Solano

Esco takes the ball,  dribbles it down the field, shoots, and scores!

Soccer season is starting and many students are joining our school’s teams and making them stronger.

“We plan to have a good team and try to make it to CIF and finals,”said Senior Jorge Gomez, who is returning to the boys’ team.

Gomez expects this season to be challenging with schools like San Pasqual to beat.

The girls’ team includes returning players Lisette Uribe , Rachel Carrillo  and Samantha Ontiveros, who are looking forward to a great season.

According to Uribe, “this season we are looking forward to lots of new accomplishments.”